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I keep wondering how many of the people that are now claiming that they don't like D3, have a) finished the game, and b) how much time that they spent playing their $60 game.

Cause here is the thing - I buy a lot of $50 - $60 games, but it's not often that I put as much time in to most of them, as I have put into Diablo 3.

Also, if you finished it once, (est 20 - 30 hours of game play,) there ya go, how'd you like your first play through? Compared to other $50 - $60 games that you bought, played for 2 maybe 5 hours, then never played again as it either sat on your game shelf, or got traded for something better.

And how many of those $50 - $60 games that you played for less than 5 hours, did you go to the companies forums and post about your displeasure on?

Man, I look at the shelf of games that I paid close to the same amount for, and got FAR less entertainment out of, and I realize that 'by comparison' Diablo 3 is an AWESOME game. I have a good 100 or so hours into it - there are just a few other (non MMO) games that I have put over 100 hours into. (Skyrim, Mass Effect II, Unreal Tourny, to name a few... maybe one of the Halo's)

Anyway - I think that many people are confusing the fact that back when they played Diablo II they were different people, the industry was a different beast - and that cherry fresh feeling you got playing Diablo II is never goign to be there for you again - you are a changed gamer, If you played D2, and kept on Gaming since then, you have been around the block so to speak - and ya just aint gonna get that '1st time' feeling again....

There are a few of the hater posts that I read comparing this game to Diablo II - and I'm just sure that part of why they are lashing out is because they aren't getting the same 'thrill of a great game' that they had back when they played D2. I bet that part of what bothers them, though they may not realize it, is that they are un-able to get back that awe and wonderment that we felt when we first started playing great games like Diablo 2.

But that was so very long ago.

I think if they really looked at it, that they'd see that Diablo III is a great game. I sure do like it! I'm even looking forward to Blizard-Acti's next project - what ever it may be.

This wasn't ment to 'troll' anyone - just wanted to get my 'opinion' into the nether as well as the haters.

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