Fresh 60 WD doing A1 Inferno Pet Tanking CC

Witch Doctor
7.8% "Chance on Hit: Stun"
3.0% "Chance on Hit: Freeze"

Just got done doing A4 of Hell. I defeated Diablo solo with only 1 dog dying the entire time and I kept him from doing any attacks but 1 AoE(During Nightmare phase) but my dogs lived through the AoE without dying.

Currently(other than that 1 incidence) my dogs are unkillable. I am just getting into A1 of Inferno and I am 100% positive that I will blow through it like it's nothing.

Feel free to add me if you want to come and see how I perform. Hopefully will be doing A2 of Inferno by next week<3

I'm breezing through Act 1 (HC) at the moment with a very similar build (only difference is that I use BBV Ghost Trance instead of Hex). By breezing I mean, getting through 1 out of 10 elite fights. (Your resists and damage are also way higher than what I can afford in HC auction house).

I only struggle with Invincible Minions, Plauge (bad poison resists), and wallers (they just scare me since they can trap me, even if spirit walk is on). But even these mobs I usually kill no problem. Not sure this will be working as good in Act 2 though. Let me know how it goes for you.
lol good luck in act 2
Hello! I'm using a similar build, here it is:!Zdg!abYYZY
Its steamrolling act 1, but straight-up melting on 2 (with 500 resists, 4k armor and 15k damage). I need more armor I think.

I've found that fire pit and phantasm (and AOE DoTs in general) are awesome at proccing CCs, the armor rune on horrify will keep your pets up through plague fora bit, and the mana from spirit walk as well as some mana regen items will help you keep phantasm stacked up almost indefinitely.
Corpse spiders doesn't proc CCs (except on the jar hit, last I checked) so you you might want to swap is out for a DoT or CC to drop down while you're spamming your bombs? I am hoping they fix up spiders soon, they are way cooler than bombs and I'd switch to them in a second.

Oh wait sorry, its spider queen, I didn't notice. That spider procs, at least
Dont mean to burst your bubble, but good luck in A2 inferno.

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