Thinking of starting a Tank style WD

Witch Doctor
I haven't played a WD before, right now I'm just playing a Celestial Orb spec of Wiz. On the Wiz I sometimes run into Arcane Power problems, so I wanted to run this build by you guys and see if this WD might have mana problems.!ZcU!bZYZZb

Is the build. Again going for a tank style with weaving some plague bats and Lob Blobs and defensive CDs to stay in aggro and gain some mana.

If there are mana concerns could I overcome them with certain pieces of gear? Or are you so strapped with Resists and Vit there won't be room.

Thanks for any input!
You can overcome most mana issues with VQ and get rid of VQ if you have enough regen items. Plagued is going to be hard so I recommend an ability with fire or physical damage instead of 2 poison based ones. Otherwise netters going with 1 offensive ability and add another defensive.

You can find gear with just about any combination of stats...the only concern is price. Gotta pay for those perfect items. Have fun with the build man, its a blast.
You can make anything work; but about 5 or so casts of Acid Cloud is going to destroy your mana pool. You're going to have to keep VQ up constantly to do any damage.

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