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Why am I having this problem???? I just bought my games yesterday, was kind of enjoying it, and today when i tried to login, it say i'm suspensed please go read my email, I went there and saw this. I tried to call paypal(i use paypal to pay) they say my account is GOOD TO GO, NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL. The main problem is blizzard side. I submit a ticket like 8 hours ago and till now NO RESPONSE. Can anyone please help me? This is getting boring while waiting for someone to answer me.
same.Purchase failed & error 318003.
Why they cancel the payment?
Atanatar ,

You'll need to submit a support ticket as we can't discuss account issues like this here in a public forum.

This article will lead you through the process.
... Blizzard you can't be serious with this come on your better than this...

[locking as it's a necro'd thread]

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