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Want members if any one thinks they can run threw Inferno Please reply on link
FB page will be starting soon all videos of game play and screen shots posted every day
will take any Name of clan all members can help chose the name but my play 1 game with me to show you can hold your own
if u struggle to find ppl feel free to play with our group mate all doing runs/farms in inferno all but diablo completed Mayo#6766 was guna attempt tonight but patch now i missed the pre nerf
hey guys,

me and a friend of mine struggling to get through act 2 inferno as 2 monks ( i used to b a DH but got bored of it and as i hit the act 2 inferno, i re-rolled the monk).

We would like to play with other people so diablo3 is more "fun" rather than farm gold> buy better items > go to the next act ( hopefully).
Am working on build a clan/guild Krazy.
Want to pool resources?


Web site is under production
i am more then happy too join the guild mate i have been long waiting for one i am on sc and hc

sc toon can easly handle mp5 and can survive upto mp10

my hc toon isnt so good he can only handle mp 1

both of which are barbarians lmk :D

If people need help and I'm on and free I will attend

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