Bug Report
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06/19/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Lofty
Relax -- I'm sure you will all be able to buy exp. from the RMAH shortly.

+100 for you sir
Same problem here, digital copy...
digital, 54 barbarian. 514,000/0
06/19/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Rusk
To fix this - change your Battle.net password. Should work

I had the same problem until I did this!

This may be a temporary fix, but it at least got my xp back to normal.

Demon Hunter lvl 54 - Act II Hell, upgraded from guest account w/ digital copy.
nah im a WD and its happening to me
Changing password fixes this for some reason
Omg blizz is doing nothing to fix this !
Mod say something!
Same issue here..and I was 2 bars from 60! WTF Blizzard..hire some hackers or somethiong cause your current team cant code for chit..
IM sitting here at level 57 and my exp is ???????/0 and quests give nothing.... is this just for the people with digitally purchased games?
Selling levels on the RMAH, $50 a piece.
got the same problem.
digital copy btw
Combining all XP gain/Follower level reduction/trade/chat/Skeleton king bugs into one thread. It appears they're all connected.

I am having the same problems!
Ya Mine isnt getting exp either... My bar is blank!!! Its only on my lv47 Demon Hunter
Mine's a digital copy and I'm having the same problem, 532,683/0
just change password and it will work
same im level 59 only 200k xp till 60 and im not gaining any xp

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