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I am a level 38 Demon Hunter i bought the Digital copy my XP Bar work and everything also Real Currency Auction House works but my friend who bought the Digital copy to has all there problems mentioned above - Level 13 follower, No Xp gain, and no auction house. Wierd huh?!
stuck at 13 hardcore demon hunter .. we will probably have to buy xp at the auction house now to
I am stuck at 35 magician. All my followers are dropped down to 13. I cannot level up and see no exp bar... i wonder how long this will take to fix..
level 58 wizard 362,917/0 and this sucks -and I just spent a bunch of gold at the auction house beefing up my gear
I'm not sure if this will work for everyone but my friend had the same problem and ended up just having to change his password and his xp bar started working normally again.
This thread is no longer about the EXP issue. If you would like to constructively talk about this issue, as well as whether or not the "change your password" workaround worked for you, please make a new thread.

Everyone here who was trolling and attempting to derail this thread have had their posts deleted.

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