Throwing barb NO IAS guide insane dps

updated video :

video 1 :
( with crit % + bonus crit dmg )

video 2 :
( with attack speed & no crit % / bonus crit dmg )

skill : ( updated )
stats :
items :


Items breakdown now.

Head : aim for high str ( 120+ ) vit ( 60+ ) and 5% crit chance at least
Amulet : 80 str minimum , 5% crit chance and 50% crit dmg. vit is a bonus
Chest : Defensive stats!!!. high res , high str , high vit
Shoulders : Same as chest. high res , high str , high vit
Gloves : Vit 60 , 60 str , 7% crit chance , 30 all resist , 25% crit bonus dmg.
Belt : High str , high vit , 5 fury weapon throw reduced.
Bracers : 3% crit chance , high str , high vit , 35+ all resist
Legs : High vit , high str , high resistance
Boots : high vit , high str , high res. Movement speed is preferred but not required.
Rings : 60 str ,50 vit , 20% crit bonus , 3% crit chance. for both ring. NO RES
Weapon : 1100 dps at least. 120% crit bonus damage minimum. highest value , higher crit!

Now why do i have these stats on these items ?
Well crit can only be on certain items. These items are the one belows


Now for bonus crit damage , only appears on these items.

-Weapon ( highest one is this one. do not go cheap on this one. could go high as 200% )

Reduced weapon throw cost by 5? Only belt can have that.

Now for the rest , i stack up defensive stats ( str / vit / res ).

Why do you have such low hp & you don't die? Every strength give you armor. Stack this stats. will make it alot easier. dont go all out vitality. its bad.

Skills :

Weapon throw ( ricochet ) : allows me to hit 3 enemy , higher fury generation , higher damage overall.

Ancient spears ( rage flip ) : 234% weapon damage. can't go wrong on that one. crit for 450k with Wrath of the berserker. Could swap this for the 60% Life leech version.

Wrath of the berserker ( slaughter ) : every crit , does an explosion aoe of 155% weapon damage bonus. that is 50% more damage than the insanity rune + it is AOE. this effect trigger every time there is 3 monster & i throw 1 weapon. takes me 2 sec to melt down elite with this. pretty much THE GG SKILL.

Leap ( iron impact ) : crit for 90k. believe it or not , it does a !@#$ ton damage. also give you 4 sec of '' i can soak up damage mode ''. 10 sec cd , pretty much gg.

Battle rage ( into the fray ) : Gives damage ( 15% ) , 3% crit chance , 50% chance on crit to gain 15 fury. helps alot on fury generation.

War cry ( impunity ) : generate rage before fight. gives 50% all resist boost. gives armor bonus. good overall.

Passive skills :

No escape : every crit with ancient spears , reset its Cooldown. Can pretty much spam 450k crit with wrath of the berserker non stop ( 80% crit chance & could be at 100% if i went 75% crit mode ). Also , every weapon throw crit have 50% chance to generate 15 fury. Battlerage fury gain + No escape fury gain stack. could gain 30 fury per crit.

Ruthless : 5% crit , 50% crit dmg bonus. Cookie cutter for our build.

Weapon master : Gives 10% crit chance bonus with axe / mace ( 1h or 2h ). helps alot.

now how do you start a fight?

1st : Warcry
2nd : Battlerage
3rd : Cast weapon throw 2x at an enemy ( will have rage for 2 ). if it doesn't crit , throw ancient spear & leap out. you should be in the groove now.

But , i am facing elites who are jailers / shielding. how do i deal with them? Weapon throw generation goes trough shield. even if the mob is immune , you will still generate fury. If you face a jailer , pop wrath of the berserker & kill him. within 8 sec , hes generally dead for me. 15 sec should be enough.

Why don't you have movement speed on your boots ? working on it hehe. they are expensive tho.

Will you ever get attack speed ? probably not. not worth spending money on that stats. crit % + crit bonus dmg synergy way better.
what is your crit chance?
I checked out that video and playing that way just doesn't look fun to me. Glad you're enjoying it, though! Nice dps.
Are you using the reduced ressource cost of weapon throw affix for the belt?
i am. 5 reduced fury cost.
Mind sharing your dps, strength, vitality and weapon dps? Thanks
up there. view first page.

weapon : 1150 dps with 130 crit dmg increase
I was hoping someone would make a weapon throw barb! Great DPS!

My first reaction to everyone complaining about not being able to tank Inferno was "what if, and this is just a thought you used weapon throw and made a ranged type barb instead?"

Great to see someone using it
That's a lot of crit hit damage.
exactly. no point in taking hits when i can range it up for more dps
You should use the Scoundrel follower with a cold damage bow/xbow with Multi Shot skills and hysteria. You'll get a little bonus dps when you or him crit (mostly you) due to Hysteria and the cold damage with multi gives you more breathing room as it does slow enemies at least in movement speed.
DH in disguise
If I wanted to play demon hunter I would have rolled one
stupid 1 dimensional black&white thinking dummies making DH comments. so what, you can't have a weapon throw ranged barb? it's against the rules now? why even put ranged attacks on a barb then. it's about choices and options you retards. i want a ranged barb so i get a ranged barb. if i want a DH then i get a DH. !@#$ already.

btw i'm only 13 the world owes me everything.
farming act 4. will make a video soon :
thanks for the advice. ill try the scoundrel.
updated guide. detailed breakthrough
The youtube videos aren't working for me? Is it just me or anyone else have that problem?

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