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is there already patch 1.0.3 official patch notes?
wow! i'm excited about the new tooltips! smh

patch notes pls.
06/18/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Yuri
What about the changes that we actually care about?
Considering that you asked this question with all the manners of spoiled brat, I'm hoping they come back and tell you to go cork yourself. :)
is the patch live on us?
06/18/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Perling
no ias nerf ?!

its still nerfed
I just want to play the damn game when I want to.
I'm really frustrated!
the drops are better in this patch right ?
This game has never been broken unless they nerf stuff then it is and will need to then be fixed.
Ten hours of downtime for tool-tips? This actually inspires quite a bit of hope in me. Since I doubt tool-tips are the only change, I suspect that Blizzard is going to attempt to fix the other issues like lag and low FPS that they are too embarrassed to publicize.

But if it really is 10 hours of downtime to fix some wording.... I might just have to uninstall.
for all you people asking where all the other patch notes are, they released them last week
these are just some additional changes they are doing
Why isen't stuff like this posted on EU forum?
Damn, I was hoping for some clarification on how Whirlwind works, or some of the skills that just have "a chance" to do something.
Excited! Hope they also fix a bunch of other crap in 1.03.
06/19/2012 04:15 AMPosted by Kyro

Then why the hell did you make the bright idea of rolling a Wizard?

...Seriously, some people just make me go, ' WHAT THE !@#$!? '

Wizard tanks. Perhaps you've heard of them? They're very viable.

I seriously very much hate it when people stereotype classes and say a wiz aint like that wiz is like this barbs are like that not like this and that...

some stuff just works and are fun to do down plain simple

so yes, I definitely agree... melee wizards are just so cool but need loads of gear
how about legendaries?
With the nerf to attack speed, what are you doing to compensate Monks? Obviously they are built around attack speed to sustain LoH and Spirit regen...This will only hurt them worse in end game where they already struggle severely compared to ranged.
After this patch, the game will be fixed.

[sacarsm]The game is balanced now, i love the blizzard team (testers, developers, managers...), they are very qualified[/sarcasm]
I noticed that there's a little typo on one of the Monk skills. When you mouse-over the icon for Mantra of Evasion (the temp bost) on the active effect bar it reads, "change" instead of "chance."

Granted that particular icon is only up for a couple seconds and the picture is the most important part, but a typo is a typo. Just an fyi.

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