Are We The Worst Class?

Witch Doctor
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I dont know why people seem to think that wizards are so godly, In high end gear wizards and witch doctors are pretty close at the bottom of the totem pole

monks and barbs become near unkillable and even have decent dmg (barb damage is insane considering their survivability)

And dh...well everyone knows about dh dmg

Identical build to mine, it's a really good one.

I'm trying to remove my addition to IAS though as it relies on it heavily. Anyone found anything that actually *works* later on other than stacking IAS and heavy kiting?

Have to come up with something quick as IAS is being nerfed in 1.03 lol

I know, this is why I asked. So far experimentations are poor. You either lack the mobility thanks to hellish cast times or the put yourself at too much risk as you're at point blank range.
Yes we are, we have to get int, but unlike the wizard they dont use mana, and have better damage output and defense spells, all we have is ghost walk. DH are op they stack dex so hitting them is near impossible and have tumble and smokescreen. Barbs are just tanks and monks are tanks with a medical pack I mean come on, half off the spells are useless when it comes to killing mobs. Go tanky and you will do no damage, go glass cannon and you will be one shoot due to no dmg to clear fast.

The spells should have be so different. Be able to take control of enemies as pets not make them, that would be solve the scale issue, frogs and spiders wtf I mean so are so better spells when you think about witchdoctors. Witchdoctors should be able to alter reality, make targets sleep, having a coffee coming out of the ground and trapping enemies would have been better.

The witchdoctor should have been better not necro v2, cause it didn't work and the spells that the class has are underwhelming and are halfassed, blizzard we wanted something new and unique what we got was a fat black guy with shaky hands.
No we aren't the worst. We just aren't face roll like every other class and yes all the other classes are completely face roll i play them all.
I Have built ALL chars, and honestly think the WD is the best if you can use him well ;)
Loving all the posts saying how easy, simple and effective WD are without sharing so much as a build, stat or progression level.

Those are super helpful.
well blizz did release stats that say WD is the least played/popular class, so if its a popularity contest the WD fails

That wasn't Blizzard that was a poll on Reddit with something like 15,000 participants.

It wasn't a poll; it was an IAMA done by the Devs of D3, I remember them making a rough data post of the percentage for classes played. I'll try to look it up.
Better pet scaling and some significant buffs to mana regen... maybe something like 1mana regen per sec per 25 int or something of the sort.

Or better yet, make mana go back to the original vision of a 'deep well' of power that grows as the witchdoctor grows. In other words, go back and revert all mana costs to their lv1 costs and dont make them increase with level at all - having them inflate with the mana pool totally defeated the whole 'deep well of power' concept.
Guys, Set crit damage % at 290-310%. chance 28-32%. dmg 45 unbuffed no Pierce. 55k peierce. 60 something k dmg with Full SH. etc..

26k hp. atleaste. im boosting to 40k soon.

att speed just 1.6 [ enuff]

mana regen 33. 35 with templar buff.

resist 300+ with SH.

depends which buffs ur rolling ur bears can crit upto 400k. and splinters 110k.

thats my stats. i only have IAS on my Andariels visage Helm Lmao.
once u hit over 40k dps u will fall in love all over again
5k armor
25k vit
45k dps
splinters, bears, grasp, mass confusion, fetish army
havnt made it to diablo (inferno) yet..but i solo no prob, and in groups im mvp
06/18/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Cenotaph
well blizz did release stats that say WD is the least played/popular class, so if its a popularity contest the WD fails

That wasn't Blizzard that was a poll on Reddit with something like 15,000 participants.

Actually, Blizzard did make that statement. I believe it may have been in a blog entry, but it was also mentioned by Blizzard on reddit during the AMAA session (or possibly the one entry that was tacked on after the AMAA ended). The indicated percent of hardcore players playing each class in the 40-50 level range, and at 60. WD was the last in both categories by a significant margin. This doesn't cover regular play, only hardcore, but it seems pretty likely that there wouldn't be a significant difference in WD popularity.
I've killed diablo even with a horrible spec against him. I had zombie bears, soul harvest, spirit walk, fetish, mana voodoo, poison dart splinters. Not a single bear or a soul harvest was used. But this also meant that it was very possible to kill him with 5 valor, which I may consider if I'm bored enough.

It is true, our spells are lackluster when it comes to damage. Unlike other classes, our stats scale poorly. But I've used zombie bears successfully throughout all of inferno. And I'm in the process of endlessly farming azmodan with 5 valor for gold simply because the mobs at his door are pretty friendly towards my bears.

Worst class? I don't think so. We're just in a weird position because none of our passives actually makes our stats truly interesting.
There are so many threads like this on the forums. If you really need someone to validate your enjoyment of the game that much you will probably not like any class.

Try something besides bears and splinters. Other things work and you might surprise yourself.

+1 on that. I play with pets because that's what I want to do. I refuse to kite anything using darts, and cheating death 2 different ways. But.... if you want pets, you have to go all in. You can't stack int and IAS and be Mr. DPS and expect your pets to survive.
I have no problem im halfway through inferno and doing just fine.
I love me WD. I find new tricks all the time, and that what it is about. You have to use strategy. Yes you WILL die, but everyone loves you in group play.

For those that say corpse spiders are bad, Corpse spider got me through the first main part of act 3 ( up until the larder ). i used the jumping spider rune and i could just throw it in a doorway and it would jump into to room and kill everything. I didnt know what i was fighting most of the time. Also the very first part of act 3, you can go up the stairs. but you cant shoot splinter from up there due to a small "half wall" around the edge. but what does that matter? Corpse spiders is a lobbed throw and can go right over the wall and hit the ground, then jump 25 feet and hit targets.

I'm telling you. We have a great class (other than pets, but i never tried to buy gear that supports them).

P.S. I was born without a left hand and I can solo a lot of act 3. Just put some time in it and work on strategies. Dont just run head first into a new area. Search for good areas to kite and run to them when you need to.
As Witch Doctor, there is no gain if there's no pain. We are Witch Doctors! We're not some Santa Clause wannabe on steroid! We're not some hippies with amazingly high damage skills! We're Witch Doctors! We can handle heat and cold with little or no clothes without whining! We can take hit with a mere tattoo! We can scare people away! We have more friends even in solo *coughpetscough* to keep us less depressing!
Are we the worst class?


(Lvl 60 WD with 200+ hrs, inferno act 3 post siegebreaker)
We are the worst class.

(Level 60 WD with close to 200 hours gameplay, done all the quest except diablo in inferno)
When does the wall really hit for WDs? I beat Magdha on Inferno yesterday, all Inferno progress solo. My stats suck (17k dps with PtV [almost no IAS, though, so that's mostly real dph], ~3000 armor, <300 resist on anything, ~25k hp), I've spent less gold on the AH than I've made (less than 500k, and 200k was on a belt I bought after I killed her), and I use a ghostbomb/haunt build. The only reason I didn't have 5 stacks of NV was the timer ran out while I was looking for something to refresh it (for 10 minutes). I've skipped 3 packs, 2 of which were because I stupidly led one pack into the other. The third was a little bull!@#$, with reflects damage, vampiric, fast and vortex, but it still couldn't kill me except when I killed myself.

First I was supposed to hit the wall in Act 1. Then it was the start of Act 2, when things ramp up like crazy. Where next?

Sure, the WD could use a little work, mostly on pets, slightly faster attack animations, and a few tweaks on mana. At the end of the day, though, the worst class is the one you can't play well. I love my WD, and I'm able to keep up with our friend who had an Inferno DH early, better than any of the rest of my friends.

Needs some work? Sure, but you can probably say that about every class. I wouldn't call the WD the worst class, though.

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