Are We The Worst Class?

Witch Doctor
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Did work for me. Got between 1 and 3 Fetishs running around, attacking mobs. Spam Flashfire aka skulls that bounce.
Yes the Fetish Sycophants works just fine. In most encounters I come out with anywhere from 3-5 of them.
It depends. Zombie Wall is so win, its such a strong kiting tool (run in circles from shadows on inferno diablo FTW)

Spirit Walk is weak. It always seems to fail on Belail's breath. I'll even cast it early and start running towards where he's breathing from so when he breath breaks my spirit walk, I'm clear, but it doesn't work.

Mana is kindof a bad resource system. I use Spirit Barrage build, and I have to devote 2 passives to mana (blood ritual and rush of essence) as well as the mana return rune. Gear helps, but WD 1h weapons have such bad DPS and just don't compare to non-class 1h. I will always need 2 mana passives for this SB to work, even if I had the highest mana/mana regen items as possible.

I could deal with the lower WD weapon damage if the mana regen allowed me to switch up my skills to exchange damage for more mana. But PtV increases mana usage by 30% which is so damn much....
I totally agree with you guys, mana is a big problem if we want to dish out damage, unless you go for a splinter build. I also have problems with soloing inferno, but WD has the best utility spells in the game. I loving playing WD with my friends. BBV is a great buff against elites and zombie walls + grasp to protect the higher damage DPSer. Of course I would like some buffs or changes to make solo play a bit easier for me, but when playing in a party, WD are just too good.
SW always works for me, in any situation except being walled in by wallers.
I think we will shine in PvP.
Blizzard did release in the opening a popularity vote, not that it has much meaning here but barb and wizard were the top and witch doc at bottom.

Cenotaph I hope you have actually played WD before criticizing the argument. It is pretty much only bears and splinters that get you by, although I recommend, rain of toads over darts.

For a pet based character, pets are really useless already just before inferno. I still use fetishes even though they really are a waste a time. The Gargantuan gets !@#$% slapped with one hit. Dogs Die before they hear the enemy bark. The Hex is ok despite the fact thatI dont actually feel the effect.

Strange how every person playing inferno are resorting to the same passive abilities just to survive. I dont think there is much freedom with customization on build.
worst class is demon hunter
Whoa necro.
wd damage potential is high due to buffs like soulharvest and gruesome feast... i just dont know how u going to use that in pvp ...
Not sure why everyone still talks about PvP - Blizz just put out a post that stated PvP is on hold indefinitely. The game needs a major overhaul for any PvP to be balanced at all... and that's more than just considering class balance. You can't have successful, ongoing PvP where the two primary stats are CC, and CD - the battle would be stupid, to say the least.

But yes, I do agree... WDs are the 'weakest' class, with Wizards being the ongoing 'FotM.' Using pets is a decent idea, and the first round of buffs we got for them did wonders, but the pets still die really quick in high MP levels (7+) and that's with Zombie Handler, and they still habitually stand in the fire. Further, with Life Leech Zombie Dogs... I'd like to see a bigger boost in life leeched, both from the dog's target to the dogs, and also from the WDs attacks to the dogs.

My biggest gripe about WD, is Soul Harvest. Ideally, as you all know, the goal is to maintain 5x souls for maximum damage; why get diminishing returns if you happen to reapply it and only get 4? Now you've just lost a stack b/c a monster either teleported away at the last second, or one died. Why not simply add those souls to the soul count you already have, yet have it capped at 5? I think that that would be a more fair balance when considering the Wizard's Archon ability.

Another thing I'd like to see happen, and this is probably gonna piss off a few fire WDs, is for all the WD elemental spells to deal poison damage... Yes, we do have a few fire spells... but honestly, Fiery Locusts is amazing, but for the longest time it was the only non-poison based attack spell I had and it was really irritating because it wasn't receiving the poison boosts I go for. A bit selfish I know, but meh...
i think wd will be the best pvp char

and kalden that psn % works with the fire locust
it adds to wep dmg, doesnt matter what skill or type of skill dmg it is
Way to necro this thread whoever did.

12/29/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Kalden
Not sure why everyone still talks about PvP - Blizz just put out a post that stated PvP is on hold indefinitely.

If you read the post (probably didn't) PvP is not on hold. Team Arena is. They're putting in PvP via dueling (ala D2) in 1.07
12/29/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Kalden
Not sure why everyone still talks about PvP - Blizz just put out a post that stated PvP is on hold indefinitely.

"Dueling is currently scheduled to release with patch 1.0.7, which is set to hit sometime after the new year. "

Yes, I did, in fact read the post on PvP... but thank you for your outstanding clarification. Dueling, however... is pointless. Congratulations... you can change out your gear/spec very meticulously, if need be, between duels to better counter the next opponent, whereas if you are a in deathmatch, or battleground, you might be able to change them but it'll severely cost you in cooldowns and chances are, you are not going to be optimized for the opposing team. THAT'S PvP.

This whole thing is like offering a customer at a restaurant an appetizer without giving them the main course... ever.
Didn't read the posts so I don't know if it's been said but... don't use darts and toads. Use bears or acid rain w/ the extended radius rune. I have around 45k dps and I steamroll A3 without even having to stop except for elites
That's fine if people really wanted team arena/what have you then complain about that being on hold, not PvP. I know countless, countless people who complained and moaned that they wanted PvP to just be like D2 and that team arena stuff was not what they wanted. Hopefully these people are pleased.

We're derailing the topic however. Back to topic, yes the WD is the "worst" class IMO as it lacks many features that other classes have (ability to generate resource from attacks in some way that are not on 'killing blow', skills which move and attacks that have little or no cooldown unlike the WD's 15 second CD)
I run with: ~450 resist all, with 1 resist at 520 and one at 600, 2800 armor , 36k HP, 35k dps and 2.2attacks/sec.


12/29/2012 01:00 AMPosted by dustyguy
worst class is demon hunter

Yes they are
A class designed to be a glass cannon (stated by the devs).
But the other classes can (now) get similar DPS and also retain very high EHP. :/

06/20/2012 02:49 PMPosted by JustinSlayer
I think we will shine in PvP.

Until you run into a CM/WW wizard that will use your pets to feed his CM.
I agree that we will be the bane to all other Melee based classes tho.
read the comments guys. This was necro'd (someone responding to an old thread) from JUNE. Back before the 1.04 patch (or even 1.03?) when WD's got a lot of their buffs. Not to mention, Inferno was insane a month into release.

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