Are We The Worst Class?

Witch Doctor
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learn to stack dmg like a wizard. its not about one spell and doing it as much as possible sometimes. sometimes, its about... stacking.

SH - vegeneful
AC - Acid Rain
Cloud of bats/bears
SW - dmg rune (whatever its called)
SB -Manitou/WoS

can all be used simultaneously. oh wait and we have garg/dogs.

get lifesteal,

use horrify frightening aspect, stack to 4k armor, 800ra, use a littany... now you wont die.

have goals, in a wash we arent as good cause its not about have as high paper dps as other classes as ppl seemed to be obsessed with, but if you focus on a stat to begin with like cc if you use a 1h mojo, or cd for a 2h user, try to even out the other stats as best you can.

0 dogs are great, but defensive, so if you do that just make sure you wear blackthornes and try not to focus on dmg, as you are very powerful ally to other wds and wizards.

tbh, our class was prob why pvp didnt go through as i dont feel we are as well equipped as other classes in that regard, however thats only because they arent gonna let you use something like 0s dogs (as it currently is) because it would be impossible to kill a tankdoctor with 0s dogs if he didnt want to die, simply because the odds are high they will outright nerf all dmg in pvp by like, 30-80%.

Do you actualyl play a WD? and if so do you actually play one that way? If yes to both please friend me as I would love to see you in action.
12/29/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Kalden
it was really irritating because it wasn't receiving the poison boosts

Umm, what "poison Boosts"
Are you talking about the 5% from your ammy?
That only stacks on black damage, just as the 7% from your Zuni boots.
Dealing poison damage is irrelevant, despite the wording of the tool tip, it simply (stupidly I know) doesn't work that way.
It SHOULD, I agree, as WD weapons usually have poison damage, not black, but in fact that REDUCES damage potential.

Another example of a rushed game.
Wow people actually think wd's are bad? I see so many doctors making mistakes like stacking attack speed, skipping mana regen, and skipping +globes, then complaining about how all that seems to work is bear/splinter or rain/toad.
you will all suck come pvp, gj gearing health globes
But if you look at it, is there anything that wd is best at?
Sustained dps? no (mana, barb)
Party buff? no (monk)
Fastest farming? no (barbs)
Best at low mp? no (barbs, dh)
Best at high mp? no (cm wizard, barb)
Movement speed? no (dependent on kills, not fastest)
Tanking? no (hard to get high ehp, no 30% melee dr)
Resource management? worst (only class that can't get mana from crits)
Crowd control? no (cm wizard lol)

I can't find a single area where wd actually beats other classes. Maybe at revieving other players with spirit walk and having minions to take hits..
Also, wd class specific gear is cheaper, beacause wd is least popular class, so I guess it is an advantage.
i love the WD class, personally this is my first caster character in any dungeon crawler/rpg/whatever the fvuk you wana call this. every class has their limitations so just enjoy it for what it is
Wow people actually think wd's are bad? I see so many doctors making mistakes like stacking attack speed, skipping mana regen, and skipping +globes, then complaining about how all that seems to work is bear/splinter or rain/toad.

We are not bad, but we are not the best, and probably are the "weakest" when all other factors are considered.

I havent played around too much with other classes, but i did level a wiz to 60, take all my WD gear (minus helm) and put it on my Wiz. IE this meant 3 pc Zuni + crappy 500k helm and a LS skorn (yes wizard with skorn).

Things felt a lot easier than on the WD, and I wasnt even geared / specced right.

With a few tiny changes we would be fine.

1. Fix Gruesome feast such that it is more useful in higher MP levels. Even with 200k DPS, GF just isnt worth it in MP10 becuase you dont get enough life globes.
2. Fix Grave Injustice so that it works in higher MP levels. Again, more HP means things dies far slower rendering this passive almost useless.
3. Fix our mana issues once and for all by giving us some form of Scaling Mana regen (IE APOC) or something similar but not the same.

I am sick and tired of people saying MANA is fine, learn to gear, only to look at their profile and see they are using 2-3 mana passives, (BR, VQ, RoE, SA etc) and also using things like SOJ to reduce mana costs. Yes, this is a work around, but IMO thats a bandaid fix.

Do you see wizards stacking all those passives? Nope, they jsut stack IAS and get about 18-20 APOC and have infinite resources, and infinite mob lock down. (Oh and dont worry about sustain, just take a skill that gives you + DMG AND 1.5% LS).

WDs are far from "weak" but it seems like they take far more effort / gear to get to the same level as other classes.
12/31/2012 05:54 AMPosted by aerial
Tanking? no (hard to get high ehp, no 30% melee dr)

Strongly disagree with this.

Barbs / Monks have to tank by getting physically hit. I find them more vulnerable than WD's.
Wizards / DH's can't tank well and are very squishy.
WD's are the best tanks since the 1.0.4 patch because their pets are very tanky. In fact, WD's don't need to tank at all for the most part, because their pets do all the tanking.

WD crowd control is also pretty good if you play correctly. You have pets, you have Spirit Walk, you have an optional get out of jail free passive, etc.

But agree with everything else. Being one of the slower running classes is really frustrating. They seriously need to remove the movespeed cap on items and buff Spirit Walk by another 2 seconds, or at least give us a legendary item that boosts Spirit Walk duration.
We can tank.We are good at kitting.We are hard to kill (if we use SV).Barb farm faster than us but we collect every single gold drop from 20+ yards pick up range.We can kill half of mobs on monitor screen in one click with acid rain.

Are we the worst class? I don't think so.
12/31/2012 04:26 AMPosted by Jook
you will all suck come pvp, gj gearing health globes

Look! another witchdoctor bashing globes when he's never even tried em!

edit: also, WHAT PVP
I love posts like these. Keep them coming and keep us safe from nerfs. TY OP.
All the classes can be awesome if you know what you are doing. WD needs CC/CD/Max Mana/ Mana Regen/ Avg Damage to make bears the best they can be. Wizards need Arcane Power on Crit/CC/CD/Avg Damage to make Meteors work, or CC/IAS to make CM builds work. Its all in the gearing.
I don't know what people are talking about!

My Lev28 WD is stronger then my Lev40 Monk. Just look at my profile to see my build

It's my favorite class, right now
I love WD but i dont how to play well on this caracter. T.T
I wouldn't say the worst in power, but not the most efficient for sure. In the end though WD are probably the most fun builds to play.
We do top damage, I think slightly more than DH and wiz in low mp (and wayyyy more than barb) but probably a bit less on high mp overall (losing GF). We don't run nearly as fast as DH or even barb though, so we're probably not as good lvlers/farmers as them with top gear. We have crowd control which might be nice in pvp.

I definitely would put us in the middle of the classes overall, and close to being top farmer in low mp (barb runs faster but kills quite slowlier, only DH is probably clearly better at speed farming).. We're almost as useful as wiz for coop high MP/ubers (with all the cc/debuff, and healing for 0sec dogs), but a bit slow runners even with SW/horrify-stalker/angry chicken. We have it way better than monks, who are definitely the weakest class atm but they will probably get buffed soon. We need some more fixing though (still many useless skills/runes).
I'm not near end game gear yet but geared for defensive. Good balance of armor, all resist, high life regen, LS and LoH. I've also found big stnker's gas cloud procs some return too and use fierce loyaly to keep the pets alive. Most common is using jungle fortitude but I since stopped using it for pet survivability reasons. Now the WD can take a beating.. no kidding.

The big issue I think people have with a WD is once your denfense is down (pets) and you burn out your mana you get chased down and killed that can be very frustrating. I would say the mana on kill that is set on manajuma and zuni sets + grave injustice are made useless after mp7+ since you just don't kill fast enough to make a gain on that gear or passive. If we made better mana gains it could be a better experience. Maybe a weapon that procs cc for mana gain or grave changes to reduce cooldown of some active skills on crit.

For now though I do fine with my build for up to MP8 until my DPS is better. Really good gold farming and can handle act 4 no issues. I've helped many get the portal device plans with my WD.
Lets be quite clear when It comes to dmg and speed we do not come close to a monk wiz or barb in terms of aoe farming speed st any mp, for ubers we do not come close to monk wiz or barb In terms of damage. I have zero experience with able demon hunter so I will not spread lies
We definitely need the most work i.e. fetishes. These little guys were a pain in d2 and now they are just used as fodder. I want fetishes that do 100% weapon damage and are extremely aggressive just like in d2.

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