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Dear Blizzard support,

be advise that this solution doesn't work for everyone.
Neither download and install the right client is working.

All those solutions, at many users, gives the following result:
"an error occurs, please contact the customers service"

Please make a single GLOBAL client, able to recognize the the game version and patching it accord the client, or not. And stop the auto update client.
after i delete the agent file. i run the d3 program then when i click install, data required to install the game could not be found. pls try installing d3 as a digital download on battlenet..
Keen for a quick guide for anyone with a mac solution, cheers!
Blizzard seriously WTF!!! this is turning into a huge joke. NO ONE SHOULD NEED TO HAVE TO "WORKAROUND" SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!
BARTHUS you are the man, thanks I'm going to name my first child after you.
Hey guys I no techie just want to play the game. keep it simple with basic instructions please. How do I fix this stuff up???
what about for mac users? how do we do this on a mac?
@OP- You are awesome personified.
@Blizzard- I am still trying to convince myself that this could still turn out to be a better game than D2. You're not making it any easier.
how do I open this file and view the ones described?
How do I do it for the imac? i opened the agent.db but there is no patch_url line
For Mac users fully guide PLEASE
i am having problems on the recent patch - july... so does this means this post works for the july patch too?

using Mac book.. :(
Thanks mate!!!
still not working.
This is crap, did all those steps and still get "unexpected error occured"...
Crap Blizzard!!!
what a joke we pay money and have to fix the problems too

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