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by the way OP's method worked.. just had to do the 1st part.

others, take note pls:
playing from Singapore, in Americas server, running windows7
i'm on Windows 7 and it works perfectly for me

thx bro, you shoould work for blizz and be filthy rich haha
Hey Barthus:

i followed your instructions with modifying the .agent.db file in the diablo 3 folder then deleting the agent older from the battlenet folder. When i went to the launcher it just came up with the first ever setup saying INSTALL.

I read through later where you said to one person to rename the agent.db file in the battlenet folder, i did this, same thing, i then opened it in wordpad and saw that it had the patch as http://enSG.patch.battle.net:1119/patch, i changed the SG to US in this one and it worked with no issues after that
Thanks heaps mate, this thread should be suggested to everyone having problems
okay bad question.... what if there is no battle.net folder but all i have is a bnet folder
then what?
Thank you so much! I've been trying to get on all day, and I was quite reluctant to try your method, I'm so glad I did :)
Hi all, I had a go at this fix and I managed to break my D3 install.... but managed to also fix it and solve this issue in a few steps.

This fix has worked perfectly on 3 diablo 3 installs so far.

Also thanks to Barthus for giving me the starting steps to get to this point

Before you start, make a backup copy of the original .agent.db file. (to restore in case something goes wrong)

1. Go in your Diablo III folder.
2. Open the .agent.db file on WordPad.(This file may be hidden and please, do not delete this file)
3. find the "patch_url" line and change its value to:
4. Save and close the file.

I am in Australia so I am unsure what changes would be required in this step for other regions

Next I downloaded (and virus scanned... its safe btw) the exe from Barthus at http://www.gamefront.com/files/21864092/Diablo_III_exe_1_0_0_8370_zip



1. Delete the Updates folder. (Diablo III\Updates)
2. Delete the Diablo III.mfil file
3. Delete all files named d3-update-10235 in the Data_D3 folder.
Delete only the ones added in the most recent build, 10235. Go in "Data_D3\PC\MPQs" and look inside base, LOCALE, Win, OSX and Cache folders.

4. Replace your Diablo III.exe with an older version if the file (Must be older than 9991. And backup the original file, just in case)
5. Run Diablo III Launcher to repatch the game.

When you run the game it will be broken :( It will come up giving you the option to install the game again.

1. Now exit the installer and restore all of the files and folders you deleted from your recycle bin (Arrange by date deleted works great if you have alot of stuff in there)

2. launch the game again and it will update correctly.

As I said this has worked perfectly for 3 installs in Australia and we play on the Americas region... so anyone on Americas go for your life, quick fix. other regions I cant be 100% sure this will work but give it a shot, the worst that can happen this way is you restore all the files back to their original state and wait for Blizzard to fix it.

If anyone can confirm this works or doesnt for other regions I would appreciate it.

Hope it helps and thanks again Barthus!
Thank you Barthus!
Holy cr@p i have no idea what t do, it is confusing the hell out of me. will i come back in a few days and find that it wil fix itself or that battlenet have fixed it? or am i just never going to be able to play again if i dont follow the million confusing steps???
What's the patch_url for australia?
can someone copy and past there agent.db i suffed my one up
Whoever you are, thank you.

I was a little skeptical on deleting the Agent folder initially, even though I have already saved a back-up copy and my heart was pounding all the way from the time I deleted till I launched the game.

But it all turned out well. So thank YOU.
Thanks a lot Barthus, the first half of the tutorial works for me..
i cant find the agent.dp file
barthus!!! i dont know what to do i searched for my diablo 3 folder but when i found it it had only 1 item in it the title is D3Prefs!!!
This isnt good enough,workarounds, modifing files etc only help a minority of people who are resourcefull and handy around windows.
Good Evening Burthus,

Sir, I tried searching for .agentdb file in DIABLO 3 Folders there is 1 .agent file without "db" and when i try opening it with ?? there is no word pad or any program can open this .agent file in my folder.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i tried lots of online game before but only Diablo 3 makes so difficult in terms in patching new patch or updates. why this game soooo complicated? cant you just make patch that will automatically update when players open the game? not like this.. blizz gave players a headache ... please do something about it.
07/11/2012 03:52 AMPosted by eyeslicer
What's the patch_url for australia?

there's no patchurl for australia as the copies sold were all SG copies

you need to change enSG to enUS so that the latest patch can be downloaded
tellinmg me to fix a game i paid money for is a joke - you are a joke

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