Since Patch Error 3007

Technical Support
tried changing the language now i have to download 2.5 gb still wont conect.
Any help blues?
sighs im dissapointed cant even play now
amazing everyone with this is being completely ignores
bump for justice
06/19/2012 09:46 PMPosted by BadAssMudda
amazing everyone with this is being completely ignores

I've replied in 3 others that have disappeared off the forums apparently...Or they are so far backed up that I can't find them.
bump for justice
lol welcome is been 3 week for me dont try the crap i mean ive been playing this game for over 50 hour without issue then they patch the game and in the same time give me a bonus (error 3007).

Just go go play something else they are blind and wont fix it anytime soon.
It is just the same for me. I actally timed the errors. Around 15 min every time.
Same here after playing 10 min it disconnect me from game and error 3005, 3007....
Was fine 2 days ago, tried everything and i still cant get it working on American Servers ? ? works fine on Euro and Asia though ????? cant even log in :(
Ive been trying to log in for the last hour or so and keep getting this eror 3007 (your connection has timed[/quote]
same for me, getting over trying to fix it, about to give up on d3

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