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Since the update today (19/06/2012), I have been getting continuous error 3007's.
Often I cannot even get to the character screen, it disconnects me after being authenticated.

I have never had this problem before.

I tried all the solutions listed here

Please help!
Please they dont say it caused of router or anything else. I got error 3007 continously after logged game about 2-5 miniutes. I dont know why this problem still be there so long, I will say again everything OK except DiabloIII. Since this game released, it took from me so much time, the end result is unplayable.
Ive been posting about this for a while.. Its hopeless.. Go play WoW.. D3 goin down the toilet.
I've been getting it too. Net fine. Other games fine.

Nothing like getting 5 stacks of Valor and then DCing due to this crap.
i just installed update.. connect to bnet server then it stays on authenticating for a while and i get the 3007 error. ive never had it befor this update :/
Same here.
It 'sometimes' connects me to the Bnet server, but it never passes the 'authenticating' part.

Keeps saying 'cannot connect to battlenet'.

...which is BS because every other game I have can connect to the internet just fine

I've never had any problems or errors at all until this patch.

Edit- I'm not even using a router, either. Direct connection.
The firewall says D3 is going through just fine.

I'm actually sort of laughing here.
I haven't played for 3-4 days, and the ONE stinkin day I actually feel like playing...
This is exactly wat i get.. this game is a waste.. do not buy!!
I get the same problem with error 3007, authenticating and timed-out. Getting tired of not being able to login or getting kicked out. really disappointed in Diablo III. I thing they should make the game off line for all of us who do not want to be connected to the internet all the time because of these types of problems.
I keep getting 3007 connection timeout each time I try to log on to the servers about 90% of the time. It takes me at least 2-3 tries before I can log on, either by power cycle the router or just persistence.

I only get the 3007 when trying to log on and not when I'm already in the game.

Anyone else experiencing this? And how do you overcome this issue?

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