Monk - Tempest Rush lag/popping

Bug Report
I didn't see this on the known issues, although it's been bugging me for a while...

Often, when using Tempest Rush, the game will "rubber-band" you back to where you started when you release the skill button. As you can imagine, if you use this skill to escape ground effect AoE's, this can be extremely frustrating.

Some things I think I have noticed, in my numerous experiences with this issue:
- Damage from the initial ground effect still ticks as you appear to be out of the AoE, but before you are popped back
- It's not just short-distance usages (I've been popped back half a screen or so)
- It doesn't appear to be latency-related (I have a very fast internet connection, and very low latency to the server)
- It's far more frequent than "normal" popping due to sync
- I'm typically not near empty spirit when the popping happens (usually above half)
- 1.03 seems to have also introduced a slight delay in starting the rush, to my detriment

Anyway, hope this helps with tracking down this vexing (for me) issue.
Simple the issue is in the coding when a creature attempts to use crowd control on you while you are channeling tempest rush, you get sent to starting location of tempest rush.

Either make the monk invulnerable to crowd control during the rush or make the crowd control work properly and not send the monk to the starting location of the tempest rush.

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