How to get the achievement Bad Breath?

Do a coop with a friend, die before his first breath, do not be Resurrected, let your buddy kill him, there you go!
reroll monk dh or wd for full protective shields. DONE
I'm pretty sure you can get this achievement with enough DPS and WoTB dodge bonus pretty easy. I got this ages ago just while burning him down standing still in the middle.
07/22/2012 06:00 AMPosted by VVolfang
I've gotten the achievement. Turns out its not that you can't be hit by it, you just need to take no damage from it. If you have any ability to "absorb" all its damage everytime it comes around, you will still gain the achievement.

Invalid, I absorbed all 5 of his breathes and did not get the achievement.
if you want, i will help you get it. i was able to kill him before the breath. i helped a wd friend get the achieve a while back and i have gone up 30k dps since then....
Go in a public game and die before his first breath. Wait until he dies before resurrection.
23/01/2013 Just completed this as solo barb with 22k damage.

If you position it right you CAN leap over the breath, managed to kill him before second breath and got the achieve, contrary to all the people claiming it is bugged.
If anyone is still experiencing problems with achieving Bad Breath, here´s how i managed to get it. Visualize the combat area in two sides. At the beginning of phase 2, place yourself in the middle of one side. The "arrows" on the ground help to orientate you. Wait for the single punches, then the double punch. After that he seems to take his deep breath. At that moment run as fast as you can, meaning with the help from your skills, to the opposite stairs of your side. If you´re standing right, you run across to the left stairs and so the other way round. There the breath won´t reach you.

By the time i got the achievement, i ran 51k dps, so i got him killed before he took the second breath.

Have fun

PS: Since i´m German, if anyone finds mispellings, you can keep them. ;)
already got it as DH, just when he finish his 2nd double fist stay from center 2 or 3 steps on right side, when his animation for bad breath is about to begin just vault to the left corner...and finish him ;)
just got the achievement minutes ago in my first try. btw, i've finished inferno mode by then. i'll have to agree on some of the ppl here-- the achievement requirement need to be restated as follows: one has to be UNDAMAGED from Belial's bad breath. this means, you can be hit, but as long as you absorb the damage, you'll still earn the achievement.

i used my wizard, and made sure that i have diamond skin handy (so for any class, any skill that would grant temporary invincibility would do). if you're not too strong, try to get one achievement at a time; you might want to do multiple runs to get all Belial achievements.

just do the basic Belial routine until you can attack him in his inflated form. then either:
- kill him before he can even spell his name or attack you (if you're strong enough, this is possible)
- or, dance- pew- pew- pew- dance- dance- pew- pew- dance- pew- pew- (this is what i did) WITHOUT USING DIAMOND SKIN as much as possible. use diamond skin ONLY WHEN HE FARTS THROUGH HIS MOUTH. this ensures that the diamond skin cooldown is over by the time he farts through his mouth again. do this until, well, he drops dead.

of course, to do this, it helps to have a decent amount of health. mine was about 25k.
and... this entry being written, along with my honesty and some others' honesty as well, this achievement is not bugged.
managed to do it before first breath with my 100K dps sorc

used my build
Blizzard (cold blooded passibe because of dps boost)
meteor shower
storm armor (with reduced cost of abilities)

just spammed blizz, 2-3 meteors and repeat
didn't watched my back, got achiv but died
My tip for DEMON HUNTER:
smoke screen (lingering fog rune) + tactical advantage (passive) = 1.5 sec invisible/invincible and +60% movement speed for 2 sec
When he starts his breath attack, use smoke screen and run through it.
Just press the SS skill early, you will have enough time to run through the green "flame"
Got it on first try! :-)
Hell i got the achievment on my barb and i just stood there and smashed away.
i just got this achievement on my barbarian... i used battle rage with marauder's rage rune and wrath of the berserker with insanity rune, which increases damage by 130% and crit chance by 13 %... i was able to kill him in under 10 seconds...
So from what I read here, looks like a Barbarian has some options: Stand off center to one side, and use Sprint to run to the opposite corner stairs before the breath starts, or same, but use leap, or if you have a high enough DPS, you can take him out before the breath hits you. I don't even have 24k DPS, but with the damage bonuses from 25% passive skill, 30% and 100% from runes, and 20% from Frenzy (4% stacks 5 times), I unload an earthquake, a 903% rend, and Call of the Ancients for 20s. I can ALMOST kill him before the breath. So I have to either work on the leap or sprint tactics, IF they even work anymore. Or keep saving gold and looking for a better weapon on the GAH (while I still can!), or drop some dime on the RMAH, or get a few more paragon levels, or get as many ruby gems as I can (and I do have a fair amount right now as it is), and upgrade them all. Probably I'll practice the leap a bit on Nightmare or Hell (I tried Normal but my boot bumped Belial's nose as I lept by, and he died, oops). Just to get technique down, then come back to Inferno.

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