Thorough Investigation won't completed

Bug Report
I have run through Cathedral and the Royal Crypts but I am unable to complete this achivement.
does anyone else have the same bug?
Why can't I complete this achivement if I already explorer every area for the requirements.
i have the same problem....
Same issue here, has everything checked off but the achievement isn't completed. Help?
same bug here... since release
11/01/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Vasadan
The database team is still investigating this issue. There's nothing more I can do on the QA side.
Exactly same problem here - since release, everything checked and I didn't got it. It's the last one ach to complete in act I. Please help.

Same problem as everyone, and since release as I recall. All boxes checked but still no achievement :(
03/29/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Liogela
Just letting you all know that we are actively discussing this issue and what the best steps to proceed with a solution will be. Due to the nature of the issue, I can't promise any specific timetable for when we'll have a solution available, but we do have some ideas, and we will work to have this solved as soon as possible.
Almost 4 months since the last post. Would be nice to get an update. I'm currently on my last achievement (17 uniques left). Will I remain on 99% even with all boxes checked for this achievement?

P.S. I ran through all difficulties, all heroes, softcore and hardcore. The achievement just won't complete.

Kind regards,
This bug has been around for many people since game launch, achievements completely ticked off but not awarded. Unless they award them manually or uncheck the requirements, there is nothing that can be done on the player side.

I'm missing bestiary entries and quests in act 1, of all things.
I can't believe this is still broken. I've been playing since launch day and it's still broken for me. Causing me to miss like 5 achievements.
I have the same exact issue. Please fix this. This bug has been there for a VERY LONG TIME. I'm also working on completing all my achievements and this one is bothering me right now.
Still an issue. The expansion is announced and I still have a bug from the first day of anyone paying attention to this forum?
Tag : Krokodil#2188 (EU)
Broken achievement : Thorough Investigation

Broken since day one, and I've been ages on 99% complete... Just reset the achievement for everyone or so can't be that hard.
I have the same problem... Unbelievable that there's still no fix.
Still bugged... and im really pissed off... -_-'

it can not be that hard the accounts browse through a program and which are Bugged achievements and which not -_-

Sad Blizzard, Sad!...

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