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Not sure about you guys but i lag ALL THE TIME, 300-500ms ping and rubberband back and forth constantly, I use to have to rely on massive damage to be able to MF Act 1 and 2 in Inferno, Currently only 80% thorugh act 2, My Wizzard pre-1.0.3 did 31k, enough to comftably kill goblins and most things in Act 2. I logged in this morning to find my damage has dropped to 18k... WTF!

Can no longer kill stuff all in Act 2

So as usual im dying left right and centre because i lag so much, i died 4 times and went to repair... 13k for repairs, Thanks blizzard for giving me a game that didnt work from the start, then stripping of half my damage because i had spent all my time farming to buy godly IAS gear and force me to play on a server on the other side of the world and now upping the repair costs for a laggy game that is very hard not to die in... last blizzard game i will ever buy.
I know how you feel.

I've just been going over the notes, and this is my take on it;

1. We cop more damage
2. Enemies cop less damage because our DPS got nerfed
3. Less Gold from looting
4. Higher repair cost with LESS gold drops from point 3.

My lvl 60 Wiz just lost 4K DPS, and I got a repair bill equivalent to 5 straight deaths for the 1 I just had.
Well done Blizzard.

!@#$ this %^-*, I'm not playing anymore.
Yeah, I wanted to see how badly we were screwed over. Died to lag. Died once more getting back to town. 8400 gold repairs for 2 deaths, one of which was not my fault. Hence me posting the below on their forums.

Dear Blizzard

I understand that you felt the overwhelming need to screw the playerbase with the increased repair costs. I suppose I can grudgingly accept that fact. what I DO NOT accept is the fact that you had the temerity to implement this repair cost change before you fixed one of the main issues with this 'game' - LAG.

I decided to do a quick test this morning before going to work to find out just how bad we were screwed over with repair costs. Yes, I was planning on dying; my plan, however, didn't encompass lagging completely out for over 60 seconds and then being dead when this 'game' finally decided to catch up to the real world.

Picture this. I load up the first part of Act 2 Inferno. I check that I'm fully repaired, and proceed down the canyon. I kill some rock climbing dudes. I kill some wasps (Yay! You got something right! They didn't fly away too often!) I meet up with the outcast guards and kill the mobs chasing them. I then proceed north, as directed by the enchantress. There's a pack of white mobs, which I pull. I kill all of them except for 1 - as I attack it, I notice nothing is moving. Enchantress is standing there filing her nails, my air ally is trying to lift off and go into orbit, and the mob I'm attacking is simply sitting there staring at me with baleful eyes, seemingly saying 'y u kill me?'.

Oh great, the lag monster has arrived. I glance up at the TV and the weather report has just started. The weather report lasts 60 seconds. The weather report finishes. My air ally has yet to achieve lift off, the enchantress is now applying nail polish, and the mob is standing there, tapping his foot, awaiting a killing blow which isn't coming, because YOUR SERVERS ARE ATROCIOUS. Then suddenly, with a whirlwind of activity (no, not my air ally this time). There's puddles of green goo all over the desert floor, 4 blue mobs circling my corpse with lazer fire chains going pewpewpew between them, and the dying purple glow of a depleted arcane orb faintly glowing before it disappears.

Seriously. I cannot comprehend the reasoning behind you increasing repair costs when half the time we die, it's through no fault of our own - it's because of the LATENCY ISSUES that you have STILL NOT FIXED after a MONTH of this 'game' being released.

Rollback your !@#$%^- repair cost change until you FIX. YOUR. ISSUES. WITH. LATENCY.
Bye Bye Blizzard.
Quiting as well
Yeah logged in this morning, rubberbanded multiple times. Died multiple times. 30k repair bill. I don't care about the nerfs to damage. The lag is what's making this game almost unbearable to play. Blizzard, change repair costs back for the people who you didn't give a server to.
300ms is nothing, honestly but the 500ms spectrum is a bit worrisome.

If I can actually patch the damn game I guess I'll see me own ping but it was never bad during 1.0.2 either when others had issues.

I've had a few issues here and there but nothing serious but it does make me question the server structure setup at Blizzard. World of Warcraft runs pretty good for me... but Diablo 3 doesn't? Doesn't make much sense to me.
40k repairs in 30 min this morning, multiple lag deaths from still invisible snakes.

Lower damage means longer fights.
Slower attacks mean longer fights.
Longer fights mean more chance of being hit.
Reduced damage is meaningless if you go from taking 1.5x your health to 1.4x your health in a single hit. (Stacked vitality and resist, makes no difference).
Mob health resetting on a single death means more game when you get an impossible combo.

On top of this performance improvements mean the game is slower and chewing more cpu time, which I have to spare, but it's causing increased latency, which means you can't dodge, which means insta deaths.

All in all I was looking forward to this patch to make D3 more playable, but it's a LOT worse.

Spending over 40k in 25 minutes due to the changes, during which time I only saw about 6k drop means the economy is ruined. And this was on content I had on farm yesterday.

This patch proved two things.
First - Blizz want gold to be worth a lot on the RMAH so their cut is higher.
Second - This was in no way playtested anywhere outside the US - and probably not outside the Blizzard building with it's sub 10ms ping to the servers.

This isn't a game any more. Game by definition is supposed to be fun.
ive been pretty patient dealing with the issues that come with a new game, but even BF3 didnt have this many teething issues.

hate to complain, as the game has polish but still so many gripes:

  • insane lag issues, regardless if i use Cable/ADSL/3G/4G
  • nerfing IAS to the point of a now 2x useless char's
  • repair costs: 60% more? really?
  • farming alone by myself, doesnt prove any return, where do i earn 450k for a crap set of bracers that i will have to upgrade later on
  • simple mass inflation of any item on AH with lvl 60 on it
  • redo'ing same quest to find the achievements like "wheel of misfortune" or "market research", gives me a 'input limit reached' and banned for 20min
  • lastly, Every patch so far has involved me waiting for a hotfix, looking on the forums how to get it working, or re-installing
  • comon guys we just want to play the game and have fun
    After playing 1.03 patch i agree with OP game is........ pay to win BS im done.
    Aussie latency + anything thats Fast Teleport Vortex Plague Fire chains Mortar Jailer Waller or Invisible is pretty much going to kill me.

    Act 1 is simple enough nothing moves really fast and i can kill them rather easy.. but my test run this morning earnt me a whopping 46k (down from anything between 100-300k + whatever i can sell on the AH) i only died once and the total repairs was around 8k.

    Act 2 however i cant progress because of Latency + any of those modifiers i listed at the start and repair cost increase.

    my gear aint the best but it isnt too bad.. 4k armour 400 resi 24k dps 26k health Wizard. i only lost 16% attack speed (i had 2x15% attack speed rings.. now they are 7%'s)
    Yeah im out of this game. Why play this !@#$ Blizzard made when there are so many games out there made by smaller companies that actually run properly and AREN'T trying to get every cent out of your pocket. %^-* Blizzard.
    Maybe you just all need to wait a couple of days until 5 million people have finished patching ;-)
    The constant lag and resulting deaths were a minor inconvenience (for me anyway), but to drastically increase the repair costs without fixing the lag is just absurd.

    I feel as though I have to go and farm A1 before every session just so I can keep up with the repair costs throughout the rest of Inferno.
    I'm dealing with Act 1 Inferno just as poorly as I was pre-patch. Haven't noticed any change
    I haven't had a chance to play 1.0.3 of the game yet. With all this negative feedback I'm reading, I'm actually really dreading it. I've spent in excess of 90 hours building up my Barb and slowly but surely battling my way through Inferno, which is hard enough as it is.

    If this update really does as much damage to the game as what people are letting on, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.
    Stop saying 'Diablo is dead' or dying and !@#$ and realise that Blizzard is not retarded and they will listen to complaints and fix the game in time.
    Haven't tried the latest patch yet but at least it's a step in the right direction as far as the BS and jeweller go making them slightly less pointless.

    I think until the hot fixes are out I'll just play with the lower level characters. Hopefully by the time they get to inferno the issues will have been addressed. It's still fun but definately see why people would be losing their $h1t
    My latency's pretty much the same as before the patch.

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