1.0.3 = Death to Diablo in Australia

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I'm just curious why anyone would want to play a game where they force you to play online, and then cut out half the original parts of the game with patches so its no long fun to play.
I feel a giant "F u customer" from Blizzard after they've got my money is b/s.
If i bought a pair of shoes and someone in the shop came round and took back one of the laces a week later I'd be hacked off, why should a SINGLE PLAYER GAME be allowed to do the same.
I want my money back for this POS. Most companies ADD content to their game, they don't take it away.
But I know I'll never get it back. A game i can play online, when the company says i can, (which is not often given they take the servers down every time NZ and OZ players want to play (7pm our time). they patch the only chances of finding good stuff, and then change half the abilities your getting used to to make them crap.

RIP Diablo3. you could have been a good game. If made by a company that knows what they are doing.
Is it still possible to get a refund?

that depends entirely on when you purchased (you have thirty days from initial purchase)

you can read more here:

Yea but isn't that a bit B/S ?
They didn't release the GAME ALTERING patch until after 30 days, when they've guaranteed your money.

No doubt they covered this blatant stealing with some T&C no one read and no lawyer will ever care.

I'll sell you a car and make you sign the T&C's saying I can some nick the tyre's off 31 days later and there's nothing you can do.. But i put that note in 5 pages of B/S about petrol and air fresheners so no one reads it.

the 30 days should re-set when they release a patch that breaks the game..
I live in New Zealand and get 80-120ms with TelstraClear, no problems with lag what so ever. Not sure what other peoples issue with lag/internet is :/
My 900k gold went to 850k gold after 4 hrs of farming items and selling the gear..but because of repairs my "farming" was sending me backwards lol

lag and rubberbanding are the worst....I am still having fun though :) Just more annoying when lag kills me know cause im not making gold lol

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