Error 316921: You do not have a valid Diablo

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I can confirm this bug, it happens everyimte I try to view a profile on my friends list be it offline or online. And I do have a freagin' valid D3 acc
same here
Same problem. Worked fine last night.
Same here --I don't have the digital edition though. I bought the Collector's Edition at launch.
Same problem
I am now getting that error too. I was able to see 1 friends list and then after that everyone I clicked on kept giving me this error. Any answers from the Blues about it? I didn't see it on the bug report.
I met the same problem...
Same here... Same error... Blizzard are you there?
Another "Me too" post.

This happens when I try to view a friends profile from both the main screen after signing in and during gameplay.
Same Problem...
I also have this problem now too
Same here, also, even though back some days I could use global acc, now it tells me the 1.0.3 patch is yet to be released to other parts of the world. What is happening?
Same here, before i logged out it was working fine but when i logged back in this started happening
dido, not hindering gameplay at all. but id like to view how my friends are doing and compare my stats/items to theirs.
When I've tried tonight, everything was working fine. Was is fix or do you guys still have the problem ?
Ye got the same problem, cant talk in anything but general chat as well
me too. digital copy upgraded from guest pass.
Same thing. They tricked us, were still in beta testing. Damn, this game is so unfinished...
i also have this error but i was wondering if you guys also don't have your social tab populated with online people that you could invite to party? the only names that appear on mine are my offline friends. i feel like i'm the only one playing this game everytime i log on specially if nobody posts on the chat rooms lol
Confirmed: same issue with myself. Also, in case it proves relevant to the matter at hand, I'm severely obese in real life. Additionally, I own two cats---Rufus and Diode.


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