Error 316921: You do not have a valid Diablo

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looks like the servers are gonna be offline soon! hope they do it quick while im on my road trip. then i can play by the time i get to my destination and not have to worry about this problem anymore.
bump for a response...
I'm getting this error as well, but it seems to only be happening when i try and view profile of real id friends who have played 1.0.3. Is this the situation that is happening to everyone else?
Yes, i'm having this problem too... At least we can play the game.
Any update on this error I am getting since the patch
Also getting this problem, add my voice to the choir.
Same here. It was about a week ago last time I checked and it worked fine then but now I get the error when I try to check my friends profiles and achievements. I haven't made a new character recently so I can't confirm the Leoric error but either way this needs to be fixed immediately.
same. just got it this afternoon. worked this morning.
Blizzard please respond or fix this ASAP. Right now the only reason I'm even playing this steaming pile of a game is because of the cool people I met playing it. Congrats now I can't even do that. Same error on half of my friends list, and they aren't showing up online when they are online.
Maybe we should spam new threads about this, as I have seen blues say that they don't have threads show up in their dockets until there are multiple threads about an issue. Come on blue...
Would really like a response. This bug is insanely bad business for blizz...please reply and fix...

I really feel curious about the "Support" forum...
Everybody has the same problem in a thread, but there is never a solution...
Shouldn't we get the solutions to our problems in SUPPORT forum?? Or at least, get a response from somebody responsible for this, even though he is not giving a solution?

I hate this but I really have to say:
Yeah, It is definitely frustrating. I posted in the Technical Support forum as well, only to watch the blues respond to every other thread except mine... I was actually told by a blue one time that the support reps are only here to trouble shoot issues that are on our (us users) end. So based on that information, it really isn't surprising that they don't respond to issues that are actually on their end.
Same problem here. I can view some friends but not the others. I can view people profiles who have logged in today but not the others including a few who have 1.0.3
The list of affected players is getting bigger and bigger I see.
Having same problem
Same problem.
Just got the same error. Nothing really relevant seems amiss (can still play and use the auction house), but can't check my friend's profile.
Me too, now.
I also get this error with only one of my (5) friends. Some logged in today and i can see their profile fine, same with one that hasn't logged in for 2 weeks (before the patch) The one that gives me this error hasn't logged in for 2 days 5 hours, if this info helps.

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