Error 316921: You do not have a valid Diablo

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I have this problem too. I tried viewing my friends profiles and characters about 20 different times in the last 3 days. There was only one time when it worked. I get the same error saying I don't have a valid Diablo 3 account.
Having the same problem here as well.

Edit: Fixed the problem - seems to be an error when they do not have an active profile on the server you are on. My friend bought the game a couple of days ago but was playing on the EU servers, not the Americas. He switched to Americas and now I don't get that error.
Just joining the party.. same.
Having the same issue. It happened way before 1.0.3 as well with one person on my list but right now, everyone is inaccessible... wait a minute. As I am typing this I have the game in window and they now work just fine. Weird?
I am having this issue as well. Hope this will be addressed on Tuesday.
same here
I have this error now.

will blizzard please... fix this?

got it 2 weeks ago aswell... and it wasnt with somebody on friends list.....
same just hapens 2h
I have this error now.
I have this error now.
This error has just started occuring for me, started roughly 2 days ago, has there been any news or better yet a fix for it yet?
I just got this bug.

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