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Thanks for the thread OP, and to Lylirra for reading along. :-)

My Suggestion: I understand why the decision was made to alter how MF works, but I have one request. Please consider restoring MF relevance to Whimsyshire (ahem) "chests". The sheer number of loot points in that area makes it seem somewhat punishing for MF to not be factored into the equation there.

Yes, the common tactic is to clear the zone in your "good" gear, and then put on your MF set to run around clicking all the loot spots. But personally, I don't see a problem with that tactic. I felt like that was my reward for successfully clearing the whole zone, and also gave me a reason to bother collecting an MF set in the first place. I feel like restoring this would put some incentive back into doing the secret level, while not affecting some of the more "cheesy" methods of using MF that I believe the patch was designed to impact.

Discussion welcome. Thanks!
06/21/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Lylirra
On this point specifically, we're looking to reduce the durability hit players take from normal wear-and-tear. We agree with players and feel that characters who never die shouldn't be getting hit with a giant repair fee every couple of hours.

This is very, very heartening to hear, thank you.

Loving a lot of these suggestions--especially the carrot attached to doing things Blizzard would like for us to be doing as opposed to wrist slaps for doing things we weren't intended to do/that is frowned upon (like I understand anything that requires copious amounts of leave/rejoin game is just stressful to servers). Instead of nerfing rewards for things that can be exploited over and over, buff rewards that can't so much that they're too lucrative to pass up.

For example, freeing Tyrael right after killing the Butcher used to reward a little over 3k gold (in Inferno). This reward is accessed by killing the Butcher, thus requiring the player to a) kill the boss and b) participate in some dungeon crawling prior to the boss. Today I released Tyrael and received a paltry 810 gold. This felt like a slap in the face. If we're supposed to build up 5 stacks and end off killing a boss, why is the reward at the end nerfed? The rewards for intended gameplay ought to be substantial in comparison to say, logging in to smash some vases, logging out, rinse repeat.

tl;dr: if the carrot is big enough, we'll chase it in the direction you want us to go!
Idea sparked by Ian


An idea for not only an additional gold sink, but also for a way to allow players to customize their gear further, a randomly generated vendor could appear that allowed the option to roll for a chance to enchant an existing item with a randomized stat. This stat can be anything even including a socket!

Gear could be rigged to support only one random affix per item. You can pay a fee to remove the affix and roll again until you get the stat that you are looking for.

When enchanted items are placed on the AH, all enchants are removed from the item.

i agree and disagree.
yes i agree this would be an awesome idea, and worth looking into.
however once they're placed on the AH, enchants removed is an instant, save some money and place on AH, try again tomorrow for stat you're looking for.
a solution to that would be to keep it on the weapon/armor, and that effect isn't even seen by the AH. if it sells, then it's removed. if it doesn't sell, it stays on the weapon/armor and is returned to you with enchant intact.
bump support
I have not read every post but I will if I find the time.

My suggestion is, make nv buff pausable.
My Problem with the game is that often I do have 30minutes time to play Diablo, the time is just enough to get my nv to 5 stacks and when I have a chance to find rares I have to quit the game.

Why not let the buff stay when you leave the game and make it come back only if you resume the game.

Right now it is really hard for me to farm gear because I do have enough time but not enough of it without breaks.
Great Thread, very detailed.

I would like to hope that the developer does forward atleast a handfull of suggestions, because all in all...they are great and would add a lot more depth to the game.

Especially low level set items, i do miss this quite a lot, it was a great feeling to even see that green drop and also to know that maybe in a few levels time i could wear it, even if it didnt possess the ultimate stats, it would at least last 8 to 10 levels, which still makes it a great addition.

There is more, but most ideas have allready been listed and discussed, esp. by OP.
It seems so simple to me. Just give us 12 skill slots then we can adjust our strategy on the fly based on the enemies. It would provide for more dynamic combat and also provide the developers with more options.

Instead of reducing Nether Tentacles damage they could make life leach skills on poison enemies damage the player. It's still awesome, but now situational.

The players and developers are severly limited by our inability to use more skills and react situationally. Players need a single strategy that can be viable for all encounters and the developer cannot have enemy abilities that might require adaptation by the players.

A little rock-paper-scissors would be more fun, rather than just rock vs. bigger rock.

You should be encouraging us to use a wide variety of skills and combinations of skills to adapt to the encounter. The only thing that prevents that now is the limited skill slots. I love so many of the skills and they are fun, but I don't have room for anything on my bar that is situational.
06/20/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Drothvader
Since it appears most players aren't using this stat in their main gear, but only putting it on right before they kill something, why not disallow in combat gear switching? If a player is actively being chased, they should be considered in combat.

Magic Find Revamp

Since it appears most players aren't using this stat in their main gear, but only putting it on right before they kill something, why not disallow in combat gear switching? If a player is actively being chased, they should be considered in combat.

I feel this is really the only way you're going to curb the magic find swapping.


Why not? Well, the problem is that MF gear is so bad with other stats (usually) that not many players are willing to trade anything for it. Not only that, but MF effect is negligible since loot is not very good anyway. MF 75% and NV 75% are also a vastly different thing so it is much more valuable to have better gear and kill elites, than have any of MF stat %s on it. Since loot is unusable 90.99% of the time, people just don't care.

Restricting gear swap will nerf a lot of viable tactics and changes players do and can do in fights to adapt to different monsters and situations.

Instead of suggesting all that is wrong with Blizzard decisions, and that is exactly "nerf and restrict" policy that is killing it, you could be actually creative and suggest that MF has the stronger effect the longer you are wearing it since you enter area or mobs spawn and it dies. Interruptions would just reduce for the accumulated amount and reset the timer for the specific amount of MF stat removed with a swapped item, if that happens.

So, you enter Dark Cellar and elite pack spawns or you start fighting it. MF effect scales in time - the longer the fight, better the effect. For like 50% MF, you get 0,50% more per T of fight. If it T is 15s of fight, a fight lasting 5 minutes would result in 10% more MF when pack dies. Or whatever amount it is tweaked for if that shows to be too low or too high.

This way you achieve several goals.

- Players will not swap gear for MF, because when put ON, MF/GF effect starts accumulation and doesn't even have it's own full effect for like 50 seconds (for 50%). Like SharpShooter skill works for Demon Hunters.
- To make players actually use MF stat on gear, it should accumulate over time and become stronger. If you have it on for the duration of the fight, it has a bonus.
- Insanely long fights (exploit) would not be possible because of enrage timer that resets it all (like when elites gain full HP). Removing a piece of gear would reset accumulated time for gear amount (like for 25% it would cut increment in half and reset accumulation to 0) or for all accumulation. That would allow players to sacrifice that effect for some tactic they achieve by putting on better gloves or legs for that monster.
These are !@#$in amazing ideas!

I just loved the changes with the repair bills and how it makes the game more challenging. So I would like to suggest to you to increase the price of the health potions too, and if possible, increase the cooldown and decrease the amount of health you gain. Once you do this, the game will be perfect! trust me.

thanks, and keep up the good work.
These are my suggestions:

Revert IAS back to the way it was. I don't think its very fun to attack at a sluggish rate and it certainly wasn't that way in the other Diablo games. I think that the current fix is pretty patchy.

Instead of reducing IAS, why not add anti-incentive devices that make it less favorable to have IAS in certain situations. The effects of Reflect Damage work this way in some effect, but they penalize players for having damage rather than simply attack speed. I think that an affix that makes it less favorable to have IAS (for example, a % chance to inflict something upon attacking players) which would inherently make the other stats useful in their own respects.

Vortex is just a broken skill, period. The sheer effectiveness of it makes it possible for monsters to "luck out" and pull you into an unescapable situation when you may be required to reposition. Why not just stick with the Diablo style and just have an aura that slowly drags players towards the elites. The idea of them casting a "spell" that "vortexes" players into them just wreaks of WoW anyways.

In shortest terms, put the Diablo back in the game.


I just loved the changes with the repair bills and how it makes the game more challenging. So I would like to suggest to you to increase the price of the health potions too, and if possible, increase the cooldown and decrease the amount of health you gain. Once you do this, the game will be perfect! trust me.

thanks, and keep up the good work.

You forgot to tell them to nerf Movespeed because the 12% bonus that is available is just way too quick for me. I can never target anything because I'm just zooming across screens.
The charm ideia is amazing
Not sure if the suggestions I'm about to make have been made (I didnt get through all 8 pages), but here are a couple thoughts I have:

About NV:
- I like what I've read so far about making NV available to those under level 60. Maybe have it that you can get 1 NV for every 10 levels, after 10? So from level 10 to 19, you get 1, 20 to 29 you get 2, etc. That way, when you hit 60, you can get all 5 stacks.

- I like the idea about being able to combine different gems together. (IE combining an Int and a Dex, or whatever you want). Makes gems feasible in new and interesting ways.
- If gems can be combined like this, make it so they cannot be separated again. This could help stem the flood of gems on the AHs, and add a bit of value to the lower gems

- Not sure if this has been suggested, but I would like the ability to modify my gear. Yes, it would certainly be a gold sink and commodity sink, which serves both the player and Blizzards purposes.
- Modifying gear could be treated as another recipe that you learn when your BS is at max level, and each time you use it, you have to pay some gold, pay some commodity, and provide the gear you want to modify (much as you do with gemcrafting), and you craft the 'recipe'.
- Gear modifications could be adding sockets, changing stats (removing +STR and replacing it with +DEX, for example), adding a property, or increasing stats (taking +100 dex to +125, for example).
- I realize this might be a balance issue, but you could scale the cost of each modification based on the gear level, or what modification you were wanting to make to the gear.

Thats all I have for right now, but I really think they would be great additions to the game, and would get me back to playing the game again.

*EDIT #1*: For the Modification of Gear, perhaps make it so once an item is modified, it cannot be sold on the AHs, to keep things fair.
Well I have a suggestion which might aleviate some of the complaints of chests and clouds not being even profitable enough to open. make it so magic find doesnt effect them as it currently is but Valor does, isnt that the point? people are just putting on 300+ mf gear and spam entering and leaving a game hitting chests and vases while avoiding mobs?

I use to have a lot of fun saving the clouds in whimsy shire till the end and seeing what i got. now as other people say it doesnt feel worth it to click them as it takes too long to even fist pump...

If you got a certain precent better drops based on your neph valor it would be better for those who kill elite and open chest and still worse for those who just spam chests and vases
Not sure if it's been suggested or not.

Put a stat range on the random rolls. With the current repair costs it almost doesn't feel worth it to go to act III and higher. I get an i63 drop and it's 300 dps? with 30 dex and 45 vit? really?

Why not make them something like:
(stats are made up and would have to be looked at by someone who knows what the min's and maxes are for each level, please don't use the numbers I posted in a bash on me later)

i61: dps min 100 - 300
dps max 350 - 550
min stat - 50
max stat - 120
min resist - 10
max resists - 35

and then on the upswing (you'll have to use your imagination for i62, just throw it in the middle here)

i63: dps min 500 - 800
dps max 900 - 1500
min stat - 85
max stat - 250
min resist - 30
max resist - 100

That would make the later acts something to actually look foward too. You *know* that you'll be able to get an upgrade once you progress to the next act.

Part of why I'm losing my interest, I've been in Act III for two weeks. I haven't found a single upgrade and I've had plenty of drops that are higher item level than what I'm wearing. Plus it's insulting to get a level 54 rare drop on Act III inferno.

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