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I think the pot smashing nerf was a little harsh. I think it is hard enough to get money as it is, farming just the monsters isnt enough, heck farming with the pots isnt enough unless you were getting a bunch of gf and speed running quests. Things shouldnt be balanced on the few that exploit things, those people ruined the AH and made it impossible for an average player to afford any gear at all. Without any gear us average players cant get through inferno. Now with the increase in repair costs I cant even slowly build up gold to buy one piece a week because I halve to spend 100k on repairs every night, just from wear and tear and random elite/champion pack slaughters. This is a game you have to expect to die some...and I understand the need to make changes and fix "unexpected gameplay" but I feel like I cant even play the game anymore. I either have to farm easy difficulties that net me hardly no money and most assuredly no items, or try to push thru inferno and HOPE i dont get an elite pack that kills me before I can react and costs me 25k gold that I dont have and cant make.
Posted by Perogi
But I LIKED smashing pots!

Me too. And I'm still going to smash every. single. one. of them, for the sheer pleasure of it.

I did too, but with the increased repair costs, smashing pots just for fun is cost prohibitive. =(
This is where a little bit of experience and watching for these sorts of things goes a long way.

I'm glad Blizzard is taking charge of this whole process to make the game as they want it. To me that means that there is in fact a direction and a destination. This is good. The last thing you want is a company which just bounces around based off what a select few people want.

You see the WORST thing you could do as a company is listen to your loud, obnoxious and very very biased (and self-serving) forum base. You use them for ideas and if those ideas work with the general philosophy of your game you use it. Or the odd time a very smart poster brings up a unique and great idea you use it as best you can.

You do this because the average forum-goer will say ANYTHING to improve -their- game. Not the game for everyone but -their- game. DH "mains" will try and suggest tweaks for DH's or items which will negatively affect other classes but to that player Blizzard ignoring their idea isn't because it's a bad one but rather because Blizzard "hates DH's" or whatever nonsense they come up with.

This isn't to say Blizzard is making the best choices but to suggest that "listening to your forum" and doing whatever they want is a idea that's beyond stuipd and one that sunk many older games before it became standard policy to largely ignore them.

---> after all, how many of you call people "stupid" on the forum a week? Do you really want those people having control over the direction of "your" game.
06/20/2012 06:27 PMPosted by Lylirra
But I LIKED smashing pots!

Me too. And I'm still going to smash every. single. one. of them, for the sheer pleasure of it.
If you want us to enjoy killing monsters, why would you adding the amount of trash loot it drops? is really depressing and boring farming without getting a single lvl 63 rare for hours.
06/20/2012 06:27 PMPosted by Lylirra
But I LIKED smashing pots!

Me too. And I'm still going to smash every. single. one. of them, for the sheer pleasure of it.

And get a repair bill for it lul
this is not fun anymore

Watch out.. the fat basement dwellers will tell you that you're not hardcore enough.

ironic, but since getting game gold, by any means, means printing more currency in USD... they HAVE to find ways to remove gold from the market permanently.

^^^ This is the ultimate modus operandi.

Since any player COULD essentially print unlimited USD by gold farming with no risk, blizz needs to remove the unbounded economy buster from play as often as possible. Hmmm question arises, ethically, if the game revolves around gg * (#some factor%#) = real currency on any given day, how does blizz get controlled into not breaking the law?

Since they chose to introduce real life cash, and it is directly relate-able to USD, they will continue to do things like this (even if, they revert this patch), by just slowly implementing limiting factors like: (limiting your bubble jet ink cartridges lifespan, making paper less obtainable, turning off your electric whenever they feel like, all so you cant print more currency, errr ummm, I mean game gold) and turn a profit.

Imagine if the Federal Government wasn't regulated with respect to printing currency and how much of it?
06/20/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Lylirra
While I'm unable to say one way or another whether "this is where things will stay," we're definitely not opposed to making additional changes. Iteration is big part of our design philosophy, and we will continue to make improvements to the game (maybe not forever, but definitely until we feel that everything is in a good place). For example, we're currently looking at a number of solutions for how to curb the popular practice of players swapping out their normal gear for Magic Find gear right before a kill to min/max their efficiency. In general, this isn't something that those players seem to particularly enjoy, but instead feel compelled to do because of how efficient it is.* Also, to be very clear, this practice is not intended. (The developer blog I was talking about previously will go into the solutions we're considering in much more detail.)

So, going by previous patches, you are going to remove something else that provides fun, eg, drops that don't take 3 hours to get and aren't 99% crap? We can't kill champs WITHOUT MF gear on, how are we supposed to kill WITH if we can't switch? Just remove MF from the game like pots. That's the tradition now isn't it.

06/20/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Lylirra
There will always be situations where our definition of "fun" and some players' definitions of "fun" will vary, but in general our goal when making changes like these is to improve the overall game experience. We might not always succeed, but this is what we strive for. For environment objects and destructible objects, it became an issue of players repeatedly choosing to avoid killing monsters in favor of smashing pots. Not because they particularly liked smashing pots or didn't particularly like killing monsters, but because it what was most efficient. We want you to kill monsters.

How is making it boring and tedious improving the game experience? I'd really love to know. The entire basis of the game is supposed to be about farming and gear dropping. Get back to that instead of forcing us down a one way path, that if we can't do, our only option is to b*tch in forum or quit playing.
How did people smashing pots become an "issue"? THERE IS NO END GAME FOR IT TO EFFECT. There is no ladder, no pvp, nothing. How could it be an issue? The economy was ruined by your guys doing a week after release. I seriously fail to see an issue it could be causing.

*I realize this not exactly what you were suggesting, but I wanted to make it clear that we're not opposed to making further changes to a specific mechanic if we feel that it's not where it should be.

That isn't working. How about making further changes to specific mechanics the players know aren't working? Then you can start making YOUR adjustments.

Every time we find another path, a door is closed, preventing access, making sure we only go down one path, or turn around. It's getting beyond stupid. I wish there was a way for players to communicate this that would be understandable by blizzard.
I think D3 players that don't like the latest changes should Spam Bobby Kotick's e-mail box at home and work. Spam his cell phone with texts. Every time I hear the name "Bobby Kotick" it is never in a good way.
06/20/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Lylirra
What we don't want to have happen, though, and where we're most likely to step in make changes, is when a certain tactic or a single way to play becomes the ONLY way to play. (Treasure Goblin farming is a another good example of this. For most, it was fun mostly because of the rate of loot reward...but, you weren't really fighting all that much, and because it was one of the most rewarding tactics out there, that meant a lot of players were driven to play that way, even if they didn't want to.)

here is what i think about this: by removing players options and game features you make the game less fun.
Let's say you remove goblin because a lot of people is killing it and it gives some good reward rate but they dont fight(that's basically the point).

For example, we're currently looking at a number of solutions for how to curb the popular practice of players swapping out their normal gear for Magic Find gear right before a kill to min/max their efficiency.In general, this isn't something that those players seem to particularly enjoy, but instead feel compelled to do because of how efficient it is.

ok now we don't let players swap gears for MF while in combat (this fix "the problem")

how can u say that you want to avoid a certain tactic or a single way to play becomes the ONLY way to play ? by removing features because one way of playing is not desired (like the pot breaking,goblin killing,gear swapping,etc) you are doing exactly that (set a desired way of playing as THE ONLY WAY to play...kill more elite monster,play entire acts, get NV).

I dont know about you, but i like freedom to play as i want. the freedom to find good stuff in pots, chests, goblins or whatever. To kill a boss directly or play an entire act. To have as many sets of gear as i want (yeah a mf included) and switch them if they are in my backpack. I'm not saying all the above tactics are good or valid or exploited.i dont care. i just want to have them as options . Look at this old post.

04/04/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Bashiok
Our item pool philosophy is that you can break an urn and get the best item in the game - it's all a matter of chance. Running more difficult areas and taking on more difficult enemies will not always be the most efficient way to find upgrades.

lots of things were promised and they were delivered but they are little by little taken from us and its really frustrating. if this path of changes continues the game will become less and less fun until the point its not worth playing anymore

Me too. And I'm still going to smash every. single. one. of them, for the sheer pleasure of it.

I hope you get a lot more money than you are expecting out of those in order to pay for the repairs...

They can 'generate' money. If not, 'generate' gears so they can just throw their 0/10000000 one away; or generate a ignore durability loss one. If they dont do those, they have just lined their pockets with gold, surely $250 for each piece of gear on the RMAH is like candy pocket money to them.
All you people who say they're driving us to the RMAH are wrong. With the current changes there will be no good loot to put on the RMAH. There is no way for anyone to produce any sort of good loot with the current loot system.

There is probably a .00001 percent chance per person that does a run to produce a good piece of loot. You get like 2 ilvl63 pieces per long run with 300 mf (thats me) and in 30 of those you might roll a good piece.
Please stop treating this game like an MMO.

If I want to swap magic find gear and risk dying, then let me do that. If you don't find it fun, it does not mean that I don't find it fun.

Diablo 3 has WoW syndrome now where the developers say "this isn't fun so we're going to change it" even though people are perfectly fine with that specific "issue." Then down the line, say in the next expansion, those features will magically come back. I guarantee in the next expansion or two we'll start seeing attack speed gear that has the original values we've been using up until 1.03.

I'm sorry for not being constructive, but... +1 to this guy. Give us offline mode, so we can enjoy not being forced to use your patches and "fixes". Take your feedback from other millions of players (Don't you have WoW fans for that?). I mean, you can tell Bobby, that some of the players just refuses to pay more $$ for teh items.
All elites gain 1 guaranteed yellow

Bosses lose 1 guaranteed yellow


Hmm thats wierd cause I killed some elites today and didnt get a yellow. So clearly not working as intended.

If you want us to kill monsters, then extend the NV stack level past 5. Make it like....8?

Only way I think we can solve the "MF gear" issue is to make the MF bonus bigger for killing monsters and make it where MF gear is a supplement and not the standard. Make it to where we don't lose our NV stack after changing a skill-set and travelling to a different Act after killing a boss (i.e. butcher). You guys already nerfed the boss drops so this shouldn't be a big deal.
so... i'm smashing pots and other smashables...and my gear is losing durability.... why is this happening? seems unnecessary.

We agree, and we're already looking into reducing the durability hit players take from normal wear-and-tear. This way, players who never die aren't getting hit with a giant repair fee every 3-4 hours.


this is the most constructive thing you have said.

I still wont bother smashing anything due to there being no point and my pleasure in games stems from some sort of imgined or real elation when acheiving something smashing pots and checking dead bodies now will result in no pleasure so i will stop doing this., never did it much anyways was nice to think that sometimes if you smahsed something something neat might happen randomly while smashing teh minions of hell. Now it seems even more one tracked but thats cool its your game do with it what you will.
And now bosses drop crap or nothing at all if you run in without a 5 stack NV, eg. Iskatu, which dropped me a few miserable hundred bucks which wasn't even enough for my repair costs.

Why can't we play the game the way we want to? Just because you guys think it isn't fun to run around in full MF set doesn't mean that we don't find it fun? Didn't you guys promise that we could play this game the way we wanted to?

Also, what's the point of us getting an infernal staff of herding if clouds aren't gonna drop anything?

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