Enrage Timer Compilation in Inferno

Well since no one has created this, I thought it would be useful info for people trekking through Hell and Inferno to be aware of these enrage timers on champ packs and bosses:

Champ packs mean champion packs (blue), or rare packs (yellow), or unique monsters (purple)
Champ/rare packs have an 8-minute enrage timer in HELL (tested this)
Champ/rare packs have a 4-minute enrage timer in INFERNO (tested this)

Bosses with (?) next to them don't seem to have enrage timers, but not 100% confirmed.

The following suggested DPS is for a Barbarian with with Frenzy (Sidearms), WotB (Insanity), and playing solo. DPS will need to be increased for other classes and will vary due to skill chosen.

Skeleton King: None (?)
Queen Araneae: None (?)
The Butcher: After 3 minutes, all the plates on the floor are lit on fire. - 8k DPS

Magda: None (?)
Zoltun Kulle: After 3 minutes, he will teleport to you and one-shot you (reported as bug due to different from described in patch notes). - 13k DPS
Belial: 3 minutes into Phase 3, he will cast meteors that will cover the whole floor. - 15k DPS

Ghom: After 4 minutes, gas clouds will spawn 2 at a time, last longer, and spawn quicker. - 17k DPS, needs very good gas cloud placements BEWARE
  • Watch from barb perspective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bySHCfTZHo
  • Watch from wiz perspective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twGIOCme2Pw
  • Siegebreaker: After 4 minutes, he puts a DoT on you that increases in damage - 17k DPS
    Cydaea: After 4 minutes, spiderlings will spawn MUCH more frequently. - 17k DPS
    Azmodan: None (?)

    ACT IV
    Iskatu: None (?)
    Rakanoth: After 3 minutes, he will use his charge attack continuously. - ? DPS
    Izual: None (?)
    Diablo: None (confirmed for Phase 1 and 2)
    So for Butcher.. do the plates all stay lit for the rest of the fight? How much damage per second occcurs when all the plates are lit?

    And Belial.. how long is the whole floor lit up with the poison explosions?
    All of the fires are pretty much lit all of the time once the timer goes off. The fires oscillate between smaller and bigger fires. The actuall damage they will do will vary greatly depending on the person but they do roughly the same damage as non-enrage butcher fires. Totally survivable as a tank class if you have good armor, fire res and sustain.
    update, ghom is probably impossible to kill atm, from looking at reports over on general forums.
    people in SC are also reporting problems with Cydaea, spawning tons of spiders that are fast, way harder than azmo
    Ghom is not impossible to kill for ranged but does require decent gear. I beat him first try with about 17k dps using zombie bears (quite clumsy when trying to stay out of clouds!) However, if you slip up even once in kiting the clouds won't despawn in time and you will die. Currently the fight is certainly winnable by ranged who make zero mistakes or melee who are hilariously overgeared and also make zero mistakes. Unless you are supremely confident or a very geared ranged I would not attempt him on hardcore. I doubt they will leave him like this.
    Basically what orange said.

    I just got him on my DH in softcore (might as well see the changes before attempting hardcore).

    I definitely will not be attempting him until I get better gear on the Hardcore toon >.>
    I... think Nightmare will be my endgame until Blizzard starts testing their patches. :)
    Siegebreaker's hard enrage is that he puts a DoT on you which increasingly hits harder and harder. It's survivable (with decent gear and CDs) for a little while, but it becomes overwhelming. On my Barb I tested it and I lived roughly 15-20 seconds after with the help of Super Saiyan (Wrath of the Berserker) and Ignore Pain with Iron Hide (lasts 7 seconds).

    The gear on my Barb is very meh as I literally just hit 60 and dropped 3 mil on gearing him. I was with my GF at the time who is a Monk. My stats were roughly as follows: ~50k HP, 800 resist with physical being at 1k, 1.1k Life Per Second, 800 LoH, 25% block, 25% dodge (yay mantra), and below average block amount... like 1700-2900 or so.
    cydya was a joke before update, now she's normal to hard. gotta keep running from those spiders and killing them as a DH. I doubt its harder for melee classes since the spiders hit less now
    Thanks guys for your input =D

    Added hell enrage timer, yes there is one.
    Is this including follower dps/buffs?
    Thanks heaps for this! I was running with the assumption butcher was 4 minutes, so am very glad I cleared that up before attempting him.
    requested sticky. this could be very useful.

    not that a blizz employee would ever head this way to actually sticky something >_<
    dps req is what your stat sheet says, does not include your follower. because I assume followers die easily, dont rely on them for added dps.
    thank you so much for this, i really would like to know what im getting my self into when i go int othese boss fights and now with these enrage timers i know.

    This kind of sucks for WD cuz my dps is so burst and i ahve long cooldowns soooo i guess i need alot of dps haha
    8K dps is the MELEE enrage requirement for butcher. The ranged requirement is much higher. Unless his health was nerfed I needed 16k on my SC wizard, and I had to cast perfectly while moving to meet the timer. I believe the first time I beat it I had this build, which brought me up to 16k DPS, I had room for 2 errors (taking needless damage which resulted in running for a health pool).

    I concur with what Wrath said above, regarding the Butcher.

    I was unable to down him before the enrage timer until I hit 15k dps on my Wiz.

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