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Still up in the air with 1.0.3 but this guy (if you haven't read already) has some good points that might have some weight to them. What do you guys think?
I think this game drives like crap. And unless this horrrible washy, jumpy gameplay improves soon, anything else won't matter anyway. Not to me.
I played properly last night for the first time since 1.03 landed.
All up, I found it much better, I doubt very much that the ilvl types have been nerfed, i was getting many excellent drops, RNG works both ways!
I found the repair costs to be a non-issue, I mean, go back and play Diablo 2 and die, come back and THANK THE GODS you don't have to find your corpse to retrieve your items, or lose experience.
I paid maybe 10,000 gold in repair bills after 2 hours of gaming, including a death to teleporting, vortex, horde, fire chain fat dudes.
Speaking of which, I see they haven't fixed killer-combos yet!
1.03 is a step in the right direction, and frankly general forum whiners should be ignored!
I have average lag, sometimes I rubber band, once or twice in the past week i might have actually dies as a result, to me, it;'s not a big deal, although some people have greater issues.
Unfortunately there really isn’t anything that can be done about this. Even if Blizz gave us local servers, you would still get laggy gameplay from time to time (less often, obviously) but you will never not have lag with Diablo 3.
All it takes is for someone in the house to fire up the torrent app, or your neighbours who hang off the same Telstra line to max out the bandwidth you all share (I doubt anyone here pays for QoS on their ADSL line), or any number of other internet laggy problems.
Anyway, my 2c
Poor Rian, he never gets invited to parades.
Frankly, and I speak for myself (obviously), I honestly don't have a problem with the mew patch. Although, I still am having problems in act 2, but now I have done some tweeking and bumped up my DPS about 2,600-3k and am now almost 15k in damage and bumped up my Vit to 24k+ (which too me is a bit low). But all in all, I have been farming act 1 now for months and ready to move on to act 2. The new patch seems to be ok for now.
I know that most of the guys who are real good at D3 are having a hard time now. I think the pride of those has been hurt. Before the new patch, it was an eliet few who were able to beat inferno and farm acts properly. But now, it is open to the mass majority and they whom were at one time "Better than the rest" are now equal with the rest. I think this is why we have such a gap on likes and dis-likes on this new patch, you either hate it or you don't.

And yes, the rain is never invited. Why is that?

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