How much harder is Ghom?

I tried him on my SC DH and the difference in inferno is pretty extreme. How much worse is he in Nightmare and Hell?
I did him in hell this morning. I'm overgeared, but anyway, I stood next to him and didnt give a crap about the gas clouds, and my life never went down at all. So maybe he's not that much different from before in hell?

I have 42k life, 600 LOH, 400 resists, 7000 armor with warcry, 5000dps.
i did him in nightmare pre patch last night and post patch today and didnt notice any difference . and he was so easy hehe
i fought ghom today with a 700 resits wizard, buffed to 900 by a barb, and the poison clouds everywhere still killed me. was rediculous poison on the entire arena. unless u have super life regen, life on hit, its going to be really hard.
Inferno BTW. on hell it shouldn't be to hard with 300+ resist
So basically Inferno = completely insane, everything else = not too bad?
Just did him on nightmare. Noticed a pretty steady drop in my health throughout the fight (little to no poison resist at this stage) but as a monk healed through it comfortably.
Did it on hell with ~ 300 resists. With a wizard. Tanking him. Group of 4. I think my health went down a little bit at one point.

However, I'm completely overgeared for act 3, so that tells us absolutely nothing! :)
Did him on my Barb solo in hell and actually had to use a potion, steady drop of hp during the fight. 43k hp, 280 all res, 7.1k armor, 4k dps buffed at the time.

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