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TL;DR Lazy turd, read it all.


I know which one they didn't choose :(

I asked coworkers today that started playing when I did (launch day). 3 of them play, there were 6, including me, at the start. They defended why they still play. 2 of the 3 are Very Casual, and are still hacking through NM. I played through to the Inf Wall (Barb) in about 13 days. Spent 2 days trying to farm GF gear up and attempt to scale the proportion of what needed to be done in order to progress through to the END of the game.

I was getting about 100k gold per hour max, and I looked at the AH and skimmed to find what I needed being around 1.5M/ Per Item. That was way too long to play Hell Act 3 - Inf Act 1, listening to the same blips of convos and spamming the esc button and killing the same enemies, selling my stuff (knowing damn well forging weapons isn't worth anything in the game), buying pots, etc, and returning to battle. RMAH comes out about 5 days after I quit and I haven't played since. I am glad I'm not dealing with the repair costs now! Being a Barb meant either teaming with some, taking most the hits, and in most cases during Hell A4 - Inf A1, run n stunning for the team. Solo? There was no Soloing for me passed Skele King Inf.

I weighed in on the game overall and decided the game doesn't have enough to offer for me to farm this low amount of simple content, with little to no reward over hours, and even days of time put in.

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