Petition: Blizzard, lower repair costs please

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I know tons of people are fed up with the now rediculous costs to repair items after the 1.0.3 patch. Even if you never die while farming, the cost is just insane now to repair your gear. Even if it has no effect, I just wanted to start a petition for them to hotfix this ASAP!


Signed again!
This is one complaint with the patch I agree with. I died a few times when I first started after the patch but after tweaking some items and abilities, inferno felt much much better. But what's annoying is, as melee, I don't even die but my repair costs are ludacris!
Maybe they should have just made us lose gold on death and keep wear and tear repairs at normal.
unDouble it.

I didn't die too much and yet still loosing gold due to high repair cost. Again the team doesn't really understand game balancing, it's trial and errors.. I feel like we're lab rats in a high school science class, do what ever they want to us, we're caged.
06/19/2012 08:28 PMPosted by CatW
want the call to be recorded. Ask them to talk to the one in charge of the support. Do not talk to a low su

/signed repairs are crazy now!
Sad when a company cares more about money then the experience for the consumer. I bought three copies of this game for myself and my brothers (WHAT A WASTE) I'm giving it until the weekend and if the game play stays like this with the stupid raising the repair cost and messing with weapons WAY after the game has been out and gamers spend time and money on their build for this S#$^ to happen.

What a joke.

And if they are to stupid and blind to see how many people are pissed and going to give up on the game. WOW.

If everyone stopped playing I'm sure they might actually figure what a stupid move that was. But then again I doubt any executives actually care what their consumer thinks.
repair cost is too high to swallow, even on non death runs, really eats into my gold supply with an already high number of gold sinks as it is, taken together with the reduced drop of gold off barrels and less rares to sell unless u get a full stack of nv and play on hours on end in hopes of getting something worth selling for more than 10k. Come on now Blizz. Why shld we be penalized for dying to the occasional super hard elite. Even Jay said it during the beta phase. In inferno, you will die and die often.

The game now just isnt rewarding enough for the time spent. It's all about farming, but now I dont even want to bother playing as if farming in its own regard was fun to begin with. You wanted us to play more coop games, but this kind of action just makes me want to play solo to reduce my chances of any kind of death.
Screw it, I oppose..

Blizzard increase repair costs more... that way you can drive even more into frustration and leave!

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