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Had same issue (D3 only - wow/battlenet ok) even with using naother exisitng local admin account.

Then I just retyped the account email (saved usually so never type it) and then the password and it worked.
Stupid little thing and never thought to try but worked for me.
Re-typing my email worked for me. Weird how such a little thing can make you not be able to log in. Blizzard has a plethora of problems. I logged in to find that my DPS has dropped 20k and my Critical Hit chance went from 100 to 7. Way to go Blizzard.
Retyping email also worked for me.
same here
Have same problem.
After apply patch I got Error 14009, then I find information on forum, about delete Cache (Program Files\Common Files\Blizzard Entertainment folder), after this Error change, now I got:
"Your login information was incorrect. Please try again. (Error 3)".
Web battle.net account work without problems, I change pasword, web access working.
But in Diablo 3, login still produce error when I wrote.

Some solution?
Please do not necro a thread from June! If you have an issue, please open your own thread with a description of the problem as well as what steps you have taken so far to resolve the issue.

Also, ability to log into the website but not the game can be caused by malware. It is worth ruling out. Run a FULL (not quick) scan with Malwarebyes with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. This will take an hour or so. When done, repeat with an up to date virus scanner.

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