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misscheetah are you blizzard's mom? or are you being paid to stick up for them? Every post of yours is in their defense. They are big boys and can stick up for themselves. Come on blizzard take responsibility.

The problem is that i sold an itemin the RMAH , and i even received an email from blizzard confirming how much they will transfer to my PayPal account after the taxes etc.
IT says that the transanction could take up to 72 hours but it's been already 6 days that am waiting for it and nothing was made.

Any idea?! or it could take that much time for blizzard to send the money to my paypal account?

Thank you in advance .

PS: My PayPal is already linked with my Battle acc , and my paypal has already been linked with a Credit Card!!

It happened with me the same, so i sent a ticket to the support and they aswered me to wait, because they are having some general problem with these payments. I received the answered 2 days ago.
I'm still selling itens. And waiting for all payments.
He's sooo mad that he's blind.
This is 6 month old thread, it probably will be better if you write new thread or at least find newer ones.
From another thread:

12/25/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Omrakos
Unfortunately we're experiencing Paypal difficulties right now that may not be resolved until after the first of the new year.

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