How much dps do i need for Butcher Inferno?


My Wizard stats are 43k hp, 150 resist all, 7.4.k DPS (up to 11k at the cost of 1 defensive and -5% DR)

Can I kill him in 3 minutes?
never heard anyone recommend less then 10k dps. GL and if you think 150 resist all is good, you're gonna have a bad time
You'll be cutting it extremely close. I would go back and farm a bit more until you can upgrade your DPS to around 14-15k.
Damn it.... =[
My WD has 9k dps and kills it in about 2 mins. I have 45k hp, 600 resists and 4.5k armor though. You probably want to have your resists at least above 300 then I guess you will be fine.
Your white dps is kinda misleading after you factor in things like Archon for Wizards and WOTB for Barbs.
i had 11k dps and hit his enrage timer, BUT i think i could of beaten him easily if i went solo.

i was with a monk friend who did little more than dance in circles most of the battle cause butcher was having fun playing in his fire so melee was not an option...

I would still reccomend at least 10k to be safe. and dont party with a melee hero; if butcher decides to be an clown and camp in his fires then the melee becomes useless
A good monk would have been able to stand in the fire and heal through it.

Just saying. Perhaps your friend wasn't really prepared for the fight.
honestly; he out geared me like crazy and he probably could have tanked it. I think he was just being a little b!tch and didnt want the fire to tickle him at all. he was saying how he was scared to try butcher and sh!t even though he had far superior stats to me in every category except dps where he had like 9k. he had already been farming the gob for like 2 weeks; where as I reached inferno earlier that same day lol.

/unfriend >_<!

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