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Demon Hunter
Since the patch butchered NT and Attack Speed, I've been looking for a new build for farming A1, 2 and 3 Inferno. The Attack Speed nerf in particular got me thinking, "Hey, doesn't Strafe have a +20% attack speed rune?"

That line of thought led me to the following build.!Ybe!YaZZYc

Entangling: Justice is Served is excellent Hatred generation and CC

Strafe: Equilibrium is the main focus of the build. Lots of hits for quite a bit of damage. Yes, Strafe has its quirks, but since the patch its free attack speed seems to help tremendously.

SS/Prep is extremely important, as you can't use Strafe while Jailed. Shadow Power:Gloom is an option instead, though.

Bat and Mark:Mortal Enemy are necessary to keep Strafe's massive hatred cost manageable.

Bear in mind, my gear is mediocre (I sit at 34k DPS, with about 1450 Dex, 1.45 APS, 190% crit damage and 16.50% crit, using a magic 1100dps Xbow) so i haven't quite been able to burn through Siegebreaker like I could pre-patch, but with better gear I'm sure I could do it quite easily.

Ideally, my gear would have 400-1000 LOH, +2-3 Hatred regen and +10 or more disc.

With my current gear, though, I can keep Strafe up for the majority of most fights, using Entangling intermittently, which lets me do a very substantial amount of damage. Moreover, being able to move with Strafe active makes this build feel a lot safer than a Chakram or EA build.

Though as I said, I haven't had much luck against Siegebreaker, I've been able to farm A1 and 2 with ease and do "okay" in A3.

Thoughts, anyone?
your build seems interesting... but is the 20% attack speed only for strafe? That would make it kind of limited as Strafe is best when mobs are too close to you. (I always try to say back using SS + Tact for the run speed)

Though your inquiry into strafe has also got me thinking. Strafe + drifting shadow may be good for mobility (and allow you to drop tact as a passive to pick up dps)

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