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It's been said that repair costs are where they should be now.

The main problem is now the game is not fun! How enjoyable, and how long you play a game is going to be largely defined by how much fun you have while playing.

A game with NO challenge is not fun! In order to play on 'Content That is at My Level', I have to mindlessly face-roll easy levels. The problems with over-powered elite and champ packs in late inferno is not fixed!

Meanwhile, white packs present absolutely no challenge whatsoever.

So I find myself going bankrupt because I want to have fun. Blizzard is telling me I'm not supposed to have fun playing this game, that is HAS to be really easy, and I have to play on an area where I never have to worry about dying.

Tanking everything is not very exiting.

Repair costs where they should be or not, the game is no longer fun because the only way to challenge yourself is to fight mobs that bankrupt you. Overall Inferno should be much harder, require more skill, and not hurt the bank so much!
Why would you make repair costs so much when dying is innevitable? Mobs such as arcane enchanted, fast, prison all in one unit, dying is innevitable. Also, you can't out run them, it's impossible they follow you till you die. So if they run to a check point, and they kill you, you might as well tell your whole party to leave and start a new game. Inconvenient? YES. Necessary to jack the price of repair costs? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. What does blizzard get out of it? profit? Profit of what, in game gold? That's ridiculous, not to mention that it takes FOREVER to farm gold, to try to buy yourself gear to actually kill those mobs, but wait. To actually try to farm on things that almost one hit you, (the normal mobs at that) is virtually impossible if you don't have the gear. Can't farm the gold because you can't kill units, can't kill the units because the gold that you DO farm is being spent on retarded, not necessary repair costs. What's the point of having repair costs so high? just to give us MORE of a penalty for dying? As if a 30 second death AND the previous repair costs wasn't bad enough, you jack the prices WAY up there? Really blizzard?

This is the whole "I'm eating because I'm depressed, I'm depressed because I'm fat, I'm fat because I eat" senario. Get it together.

This game was an IMMENSE step back from diablo 2 now with needing to repair every 5 minutes, how is it fun seeing the gold you farmed months prior to this ridiculous update be gone in an hour of playing?

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