Ghom Inferno as Monk

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Alright I need to ask. I am a alright geared monk with 760 resist, 450 LoH and currently after Patch 1.0.3 Ghom on act III Inferno seems impossible. I was wondering for any advice from any monks that have cleared him after the patch. His changes seem utterly ridiculous with the longer gas clouds on the ground, 2 spawned instead of 1 and the room being filled within 2 minutes with no where to run.
What i would say is find a range team on public or with your friends. I don't think Monks can't solo Ghom
Hey man. I'm at 860 resist, 1000 LoH, can kill most elites in IA3 now, but Ghom is !@#$ting on me with his clouds and minions. I think I will kill him with a ranged and progress further, and come back to solo him with better gear.

I think the fight is exceptionally difficult for Monk.
Just tank on top of him and kite him on the outside of the room and then back in, in a square. By the time you're on the inside you can kite him back on the outside.
Currently trying different kiting routes but I am getting smashed after getting him to about 75% . I might not be good enough or might not have the gear to kill him. All I know is I would have killed him before patch. Might just be better for me to go back to farming at this point. Any suggestions for necks and rings after the patch?
just add another 400 loh, and ghom is a joke..... and please use resolve, as passvive
I did this pre-nerf and the fight took over 10 minutes with 1300 dex, 1050 vit, 20% crit, 110% crit damage, 800 res, 8000 armor, 15k damage, 50k health. I had AT MOST 100 LoH, I relied mostly on globes and potions with Sanctuary heal/15% damage buff heal.

I know he has changed now but I'll post what I found to be helpful:

Deadly Reach with armor rune was key. His poison ticked for somewhere between 5-10% in total. It was definitely worth it.

You might want to consider the ranged Lashing Tail Kick, I didn't use but I didn't need to kill him faster.

Personally, I think the only way to get him down before the enrage/room clears would be to have a massive amount of damage reduction and health regen. I would try builds like this and only move to make sure you're not in a double-stacked poison cloud. You guys actually have LoH so it may be possible.!ZUX!ZZaaba
Thanks guys for the advice and I will be farming for a little bit more money to get a bit more LoH. Its nice once in a while to not get "Troll-advice" and something I can take back to the game.
Are you talking about before the new patch or after? I'm fighting him and he gets about 8-10 gas clouds up at the same time within 45 seconds. What to do?
Ghom is certainlyh a metric for progression. I can easy kill all elite packs before him and i struggle to beat him. He is a heal intensive boss and there isn't another good way to beat him even if you are build to beat the rest of the game.
ghom is now buffed.. rages after 4 minutes
and spams gas everywhere
If you're having trouble with him, get another monk so you have ton+ht and a barb for warcry. If your gear doesn't suck you should still be able to facetank him for the entire fight.
06/19/2012 10:47 PMPosted by blitzkrieg
If you're having trouble with him, get another monk so you have ton+ht and a barb for warcry. If your gear doesn't suck you should still be able to facetank him for the entire fight.

If you rely on LOH this is true, if you aren't built around LOH he is very hard.
You have to remember that his poison cloud stack, so reset the stack with Serenity or SSS.

Kill him 1st try with 15K dps, 1.7 APS, 1550 LoH and 40K Hp.
Just downed his !@#.

Key to this, when kiting, move the MINIMUM distance u need to escape the posion and wait for Ghom to come to you. That way u can keep the poison clouds tight together to give the clouds time to disappear before you complete a full rotation of the room. If you run around like a headless chicken and run away for miles you will spread poison everywhere. You only need to move 2-3 character lengths in the right direction to avoid the poison.

Stats : 29% crit, 21.5k dps, 42k hp, 650 all res, 1150 life on hit, 5800 armor, all unbuffed

Build : crippling wave (concussion), sweeping wind (cyclone), breath of heaven (blazing wrath), serenity (ascension), blinding flash (faith in the light) and mantra of conviction (overawe)

Basically maintained enough life to tank his hits, using his acid slimes for additional life on hit while waiting for him to come out of the posion. Avoided the poison cloud at all costs, and maximised DPS with overawe etc. Took about 3 minutes.
i did him easily with 700 res + 20k dps + 800 LoH

i used deadly reach with keen eye, breath, serenity, blinding, conviction with overwave, seven sided.

All i did was move out of the cloud the minimum possible, spammed mantra, serenity when possible, and used seven sided when serenity was on cd.

it was close, but i killed him when he started to fart a lot
siegebreaker and azmodan are freaking easy compared to him
Killed Ghom second try an hour after servers came up from patching. Exactly the same build I always used. deadly reach + keen eye, earth elemental ally, serenity ascension, blind faith in the light, and standard healing with 15% dmg boost.

Kite, spam earth ally to keep ghom moving forward.. kill slimes before hitting ghom, save health ups for gas diving if you need the HP. Be aggressive during the fight.

34k unbuffed, 58k buffed post IAS nerf, 9.7k armor buffed from enchantress + keen eye

400 LoH
210% crit damage
18.5% crit chance
48k hp with earth ally
>700 resist all

A bit more foxy than he used to be, but Ghom is still manageable if you fight aggressively, also I dual wield for more crit dmg bonus and stock stats.
I did Ghom last night on co-op. Two monks, my friend with a LoH 1-hand/shield doing 30k dps, and me with a 2h and NO LoH or Life Leech/Steal, doing 40k dps.

We beat him without any issue. He's harder on co-op because you have to really coordinate and stand together, ranged or melee, and he has more hp obviously.

Maybe you should practice kiting him around the room in a clockwise or counterclockwise path, and practice NOT using the middle or running through it. For me, Serenity was really important - I could pop it and my +30% buff from Blinding Flash and stand in his fart cloud and do a ton of DPS for 2-3 seconds, then run out and still have 50-60% life left (I only have 680 resist all and 28k hp). He'd spawn the little glob guys on me and I'd kill them and pop my heal again, wait for him to come through the cloud and keep attacking.

Also, I used deadly reach so I could hit him from a distance.

This should show that LoH/LL/LS isn't a requirement to kill Ghom as a Monk. In fact, I don't ever plan on having LoH/LL/LS. I do enough damage and have enough mitigation, I'm able to kill stuff and live off life globes/self heals.

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