Seeking solid players for elite farming act 3

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Hey Guys,

Currently living in Australia, (moved over from canada for a few months should everything continue to go smoothly over here), seeing as when im getting home from work most of my friends back home are all going to sleep, its been difficult to maximize farming.

Anyways, im looking for a Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and a Wizard, that are interested in running 5 stacks of NV Azmodan runs, then killing 10 more elite packs and resetting. Ive been doing this for a few weeks now with random friends, we can normally get 5 stacks and kill Azmo within 30 mins.
You should have killed diablo or be deep into act 4 to be considered. Not looking to carry undergeared players.
Seeking a core farming group!

Due to the boss drops being reduced, not much point in stopping after killing Azmo.

Ventrillo is a must, I have access to a 50 slot server, I play almost daily up until 12 midnight melbourne time.

Im 30 years old, so being between the age of 25-34 would be awesome.
Looking for people that share the same views with loot.
Rare drops, link in party chat, if someone who contributed to killing the mobs needs the loot as an upgrade, then no problem in handing it over. Not looking for people who want to gear up their alts, or sell, if a member of the group needs.

Act 3 seems to be the best place to farm for loot as there are so many easily accessible places to find elites, and with the right gear its not to challenging. Had a few runs where we have had greens and legendaries back to back.

Im a Barbarian, with pretty decent gear, 1300 all resistance, my damage is crap, but thats what your there for. Don't die to often elite farming atm. So your in good hands =-) atleast you should be in good hands... mwah ha ha.

Hey bro check out we are always looking for good members and say I sent u

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