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Instead of fixing the problem which caused people to corpse their way through the acts, they increased the repair bill to prevent corpsing but left the problem there. So now when you zone into a new area with your 5 stacks of valor and run into an _impossible_ affix combination such as horde/fast/invuln/reflect or jailer/arcane/wall/frost then you have no choice but to lose 100k in 15 minutes trying to kill them fast enough while minimizing deaths so they don't instantly go back to full health OR just outright quit and start over losing all valor and time invested.

Diablo 3 Endgame? Put up with the ridiculous mechanics for as long as a person can until they have enough funds via the RMAH to purchase another game.
In before deletion
But seriously, I'm playing a WD, and on act 2. I got 31k health, 800 resist, 4000 armor, and still got killed for a few times, and when my gear hits yellow I need to spend 24k - 32k for repair. And after 3 hours of playing and 2x repair, I only got a net gold of around 10k.

those are very, very bad stats for a WD. if you wanted a tank, why didnt you roll a barb or a monk?

"tank witch doctor" is horrid, and you should feel bad.

This is where i say the game fails isnt really the difficulty or walls inferno had, but lack of content. It would have been fine, even more than fine if there were more things to do than farm the same acts over and over again. (remember the always changing dungeons they talked about) What this game needed was more side quests and features to do while you geared up for the toughest inferno acts.

I agree. The lack of PvP was a huge hit to the game's replayability. Even the RMAH is kind of counter productive to the game's longevity at the moment, because the ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IN DIABLO 3 is farm gear. Like if I went to the RMAH and spent $2000 i could have some sick gear, and clear inferno spamming one ability, but then what? It's game over without any PvP or something to do.

I'm cool with grinding in order to become more powerful in PvP. I'm cool with grinding content in order to reach new content. It's the grinding just to grind better, just so I can grind better... it's like Grinding Inception. A person can only do it so long.

I will point out the game "Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms" released by the same people who make everquest. They always do hack n slash right. You have a main quest line but there is also side quests to every single level and they are all worth doing.

EverQuest was !@#$ing awesome, and I wish I could time warp back to 1999 and do it all over again.
bump this because its true......
I read your whole post...not sure what your point is though? Are you qutting because drops rates as a whole were nerfed? Or that the elite few farming 3/4 had their monoploy on the best items taken away? Or that is was falsey rolled out as an early Christmas and your quitting on moral grounds?

Not saying I disagree with your conclusions, I reached the same ones as you before even playing after the patch. Big time damge control (pun intended) on the skewed economy and the highly touted inferno difficuly turning into farmville a week after release. The game itself and the AH game within the game were both beat with embarrassing ease and they must really want to dial it back.

Is moving back an act or two to maximize your risk/reward (if you a farmer/ah tycoon) game breaking for you?
I farmed act 3 for about 4 hours today with my buddy..and after that i think i'll just quit..why even do act 3/4 when you have better luck in act 1 where you can kill far more elites per hour since they die in 5 seconds, seriously? you can now get the BEST items in the game from act 1 inferno? do they understand how much of a joke that is? it's like if you could get heroic gear from normal mode in WoW, what would the point be in doing heroic? it's honestly ridiculous and i've lost faith in blizzard as a company, they seem to take anything thats fun in the game and rip it away from us all for their personal gain, the RMAH sickens me to the core and that's not what gaming should be about, its all money money money money and no passion, and thats not a good direction to be going.

Wouldn't it just be great for once to get a blue post in one of these threads? But of course they only post in the completely useless threads.
06/21/2012 12:06 AMPosted by Zamoth
I understand that the economy is completely screwed and they need to fix it. What pisses me off is Blizzard basically destroyed over 200 hours I put into this game and millions upon millions of gold because they made a !@#$ up. I should not be punished because of their %^-* up. Yet I am.

The IAS nerf was an extremely shady move. Shady, but unfortunately necessary.

Some may argue, "well, you're a dumbass, they announced the nerf a month prior to 1.0.3!". My thoughts are, if IAS was THAT imbalanced, how did they not notice during testing? (Obviously, a lack of testing)

So yeah, some people didn't heed the 1.0.3 Preview and they got burned on IAS, but I still say that was an extremely shady move on Blizzard's end.

I didn't personally spend money on the RMAH, but I feel really bad for people who purchased IAS gear, especially high end weapons, only to get nerfed by such a significant amount.
i bash blizzard as much as anybody before 1.03. (i am not upset now because i never stacked IAS, but i was ahead of the curve in gear simply because i started playing on release date)

i am happy with a lot of changes. To ME, i emphasizes, to ME. Diablo is about playing with different builds, getting loot and customizing characters. The one direction this patch moved towards is that I can get loot anywhere, and that I can actually use novelty builds if i choose to.

I can't wizard tank act 3 but wants to try tanking? I can take my critical mass/spectral blade build to act 1 and have fun. Hey if i don't want to tank anymore, i can go to inferno act 4. yeah sure you will evenually walk thru !@#$ but you also got 2 other character types that you could gear up.

I have my force armor off for the first time tonight. With a barb warcry I've reached 1000+ resist and butcher can barely scratch me :D now that's fun i havn't had pre patch.

like someone else touched on, the true disadvantage and is the lack of content and laziness. You could tell even graphics wise, first act, there are grass, water on the floor. and your character interact with those. DETAILS. in act 4, i can't even tell what those blue panels on the floor are... looks like water... but no effect. not to mention they shared a town with act 3. that to me screams that they simply ran out of time. Hopfully with this patch, the population settles down, and they push out more bonus content.
OP i really read everything you said and i agree with you.

BUTTTT these changes will give the game a longer life. will make the best items more valuable.
Why dont you like it? Cos its will take you longer to farm... at least now when you get the prime stuff you will be right special to have it.
Nothing to add to this sad conclusion. I was one of those dh glass canon who break inferno in the 1st week and I have seen it all.... from hotfix every little exploited that they found in the net to ninja nerf drop rate for RMAH preparation. It's so sick.
Why did Blizzard nerf drop rates for top tier items?
Why did Blizzard up the repair costs?
Why did Blizzard completely disregard top tier players in A3/4 and cater to everyone else?

Surely it can't be because they want people to visit their RMAH and spend their money...

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