I've bought 6300 gems... And can't send stash

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My stash is empty .

but i cant send stash .. what could i do ?

Help me pls
The slots required to store your 6300gems is more than the slots in your stash even if it's empty. That's why.

That's 210 stacks

It SHOULD fit... just make sure you have your stash upgraded?
I'm pretty sure it's because it will not allow you to split one send across three tabs at once.

You've got 6300 gems, which works out at 30 per slot, to 210 slots worth.
Your fully upgraded stash has 70 slots per tab and 3 tabs, for 210 slots worth.

What I think the problem could be, is when it fills up the first 70, I bet it gets stuck on transitioning to a new tab.

Try this - fill up page 1 of your stash fully, where one slot has a stack of items which is 1 from completion, eg. 29 chipped rubies.
Try put 2 more chipped rubies in by right clicking them from your inventory.
It will not place 1 chipped ruby into the existing stack on page 1, and roll the remaining one to page 2.
It will just stop right there and return an error in red.
Makes perfect sense.

But again... WHY WOULD YOU NEED 6300 GEMS?!
What, is Blizz gonna nerf gem drops next patch? Or is your favorite show Hoarders? For the love of God, I have more gems than I can possibly use, why would you buy so many?
same problem bliz says fu

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