Do you like the constant screen shake effect?

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Drops, Repair, Bugs. There is a lot to talk about and everyone is talking it.

let's discuss something else, for example the screen shaking effect rampaging everywhere in D3. The whole Act4, over half of Act3, and part of Act2 have this CONSTANT screen shake! What is the worst is that many player's primary attacking skills, for example the monk's ability fist of thunder with thunderclap rune, cause the screen shake CONSTANTLY too! When you try to pass some monsters while the road is not wide or the auto-path fail, your char will move forth and backward which cause the screen to again shake CONSTANTLY again! Headache.....
How are you going to avoid all those fire, laser, and frozen on the ground in inferno while the screen shaking CONSTANTLY and IRREGULARLY? How long you can last without losing focus and getting headache?

Isn't there any other approach blizzard can use to illustrate the sense of power instead of the CONSTANT screen shake?

What do you think? like or dislike?
no one else?
I have to agree with the screen shaking. Along with that annoyance and the rubberbanding, I got to a point where I thought it was me. That was until I looked to see if it actually was affecting other people with the whole "shaking" problem. If there is a fix to it, I would greatly appreciate this as I am sure many others would as well.

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