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If blizzard in game team feels it necessary to mute players for "spamming" without any prior investigation into the validity of the claim i think I'll do my part to inflict this unwarrented punishment on others to see that it is refined. I'm a customer of nearly 7 years, i've never cheated, harrassed, or abused any of the terms of service agreements and i surely didn't spam considering any of the following conditions:
a) repeatedly enter same message in a short period of time (spam by definition)
b) speak rubbish....
c)insult, harrass, or diminish any other players experience of the game

I deeply enjoy blizzards games, and up until now i have been a dedicated player only interested in my own experience and helping others in game when i can. This disability of my right to play, albeit a minor 1 hour mute, is nonetheless completely unwarranted, and simply some form of reactionary consequence, even if a number of players reported myself for spam, what is to stop a group of players trolling others by reporting random players for spam just for the hell of it. I've recieved no warning email, nothing. Again i don't consider the 1 hour mute to be the end of the world, just very out of place, and poorly executed as I have not violated any agreements.
Ok, so i too have just been muted, for advertising on trade and other channels i'm assuming? Support agent said earlier ^ that first time is only for 3 hours? is this still the case?
F3t ,

It doesn't work that way. If you've been muted, you need to wait until it's run its course. The first time is pretty short, 3 hours I believe, but if you keep doing things to get yourself muted, it's going to get longer and longer and possibly permanent eventually.

Your system is terrible. There are dozens of people spamming constantly in the channel and I am the one punished for telling them to stop?

At least it works on those gold bots....oh wait...never mind - I get 2+ invites an hour!

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