P/C on 1071.9 DPS 1 hander

Hello guys. I would appreciate a price check on this item:


1.55 APS
DPS: 1071.9

265-621 Holy damage
127 INT
143 VIT

Thank you
No crit or socket so the value goes way down. Also the attack speed inflates the DPS of the weapon.

EDIT: Scratch that, I just checked on the auction house and any 1H that is 100int/vit and 11% attack speed, yours is the highest dps there is. Literally the top one is 945DPS

I would sell that at 40mil with a 10mil bid.
Thank you Enfrozt for your insight! I would appreciate some more responses =).
I'd just AH with no b/o, there is no chance it goes for under 10m.
Thats a pretty decent weapon could probably sell it for 250 bucks or 30 mil + on the AH
Thank you for all the helpful responses!
I have a 1.2 speed weapon with iAS on gloves, both rings, and amulet

My overall speed is still only 1.49 or something

Your weapon speed alone on this is huge, don't listen to the nay-sayers on "OHHHH IAS INFLATES DAMAGE"
Obviously crit / socket is one of the most valued property right now.

Just saying this weapon is good, with the speed it's pretty awesome as is.

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