Best resistance?

Is there a best resistance type that I should be aiming for?

I know that as monks we want to be double stacking X Resistance + All Resistance on our items and I was wondering if there was one that was superior in price or availability perhaps.

I started out stacking physical because I found a nice chest piece that had it while farming. So when I upgrade again from Act1 farming gear should I stick with physical or change to something else?
change because physical is often expensive. The key is to stack the cheapest most worthless resist you can find. I do fire as does a friend, but I know another monk who does Poison. Really what people do is find 1 amazing piece of gear then build around it
ah k, so physical is expensive. got it.

So you're saying fire/poison resist tends to be the cheapest?

I would have thought that fire would be more expensive because of molten/desecration packs
06/23/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Almar
. Really what people do is find 1 amazing piece of gear then build around it

This is pretty much what I did. I was getting to the end of hell and how to work in OWE was in the back of my mind. I found a couple great deals that happened to have arcane resist so after that arcane resist became one of my search criteria and eventually was on most of my gear.

I later read some people straight up chose arcane because it is faster to click on the search drop down. Maybe if there was anyway to tell what kind of resist fewest people use....
Fire is really expensive. Don't do it. I did physical, and it probably wasn't the best choice. I would say in order of expense:

I use arcane... But thats just cause it was the cheapest set to do

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