Diablo 2 and Windows 7.

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I haven't played diablo 2 in a few years, and the last time i played i was using windows xp, and a crt monitor.

When i installed it now using windows 7, the only way i can play without messed up graphics is in window mode. Does anyone know how i can play in fullscreen without the crappy graphics?

I would ask in the Diablo 2 forums, if i knew where they are, and if i could possibly get any help there.

BTW, does blizzard still support diablo 2 anymore, meaning, is there any future patch in the works to make it more compatible with windows 7?
Weird, I've been playing D2 LoD on my Windows 7 rig both on my 32" Bravia TV and on my LCD monitor...

Are you graphics driver up to date?

You can also try this: put a Diablo 2 (or D2 LoD) shortcut on your desktop, right-click it, properties. In Compatibility, make it compatible to Windows XP.
Yeah i already have that done, Windows XP (Service Pack 3), run in 256 colors, Disable desktop composition, and Run as admin.

When its not in window mode it looks all funky, like a rainbow just took a dump on my screen. Also, yeah i got my latest drivers, i just upgraded them a week ago for my new TV.

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