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I know there have been some issues with the achievement servers, but hear me out. I played for a few hours on 6/21 and progressed through act III on Hell difficulty, but I noticed at the end of the play session I had not gotten any credit for a few achievements. During that particular session my character had hit level 60. Most of them were repeatable (downing bosses and such) save for the Level 60 achievement. There was no issue with progression or anything like that. Have not had any issues with achievements since, so should I just bite the bullet and wait for the achievement when I level another character?
I got this same bug earlier this week, Tuesday or Wednesday night. Got my Monk to level 60, didn't get credit for the Level 60 or Monk Level 60 achievements. I doubt they will fix this. The achievement server must have been down or not tracking updates properly when we should have gotten these. If you the servers had some hiccup, we have to redo it, which means leveling more characters to 60. Hopefully, you have extra character slots available. The support site says they will not do anything about achievements. They can't fix them, change them, whatever.
this is a load of bull!@#$. i have to spend another 2 days of playtime to get a new character to level 60 cause blizzard failed to get their stuff to work? why didnt they %^-*ing do it while maintenance was up, instead of wasting our time?
I gad same problem with my DH!
Hah. Thats a joke. Blizzard says "try to complete requirements needed for the achi once again".
What if i had 10 characters on my account? Do i need to delete one of them, and level up again, so i can finally get achievement for 2x60lvl demon hunters?

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