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I have loved your games over the years.

I loved this one on normal mode before I touched the AH.

It was balanced well, I got drops of items to upgrade with regularly, blacksmith was great to upgrade the one or 2 items that were lagging behind....

Then hit nightmare and above and seems to be balanced to need AH.

So to my question.....

Alot of the fun in Diablo is searching for items to upgrade with right? That 'I just might find that thing I or my mate need on the next set of monsters'.

AH broke this, and it seems that if you don't use it progress after normal mode will be so painfully slow as to not be fun.

Well I have news for you blizzard, there will always be someone further into the game, and with real money on the line from some people there will be pros. There is almost no way the loot I find will ever stack up to what I can find cheap on AH.

So what are the changes to drops about? So people can't farm pots now, some monsters drop no loot (it sucks killing some boss or yellow monster and get nothing, not even a spray of worthless items to entertain you). That makes less fun for me but the farmers out there will find something, and it will still be many magnitudes better that what I can do.

How must someone picking up the game now can say not to use the AH but it is an integral game mechanic with no spoiler warning that I know of. I replayed the first few acts with a new character, got cheap stuff off AH and was oneshotting blue packs and yellows for most of the game- crap loses of fun watching monsters explode like that (when i know how it was the 1st time around) but I can't see how that's meant to be the way it is supposed to be balanced....

I definitly got my money's worth so no complaints there it is just sad how easy it would have been to make it better
You don't have to use the AH.
No, you don't.

However, if you do, it becomes another game.

You say you like finding loot, it gives a little thrill, gets the endorphins flowing to find a nice rare with useful stats, or that legendary you've been looking for for months.

Well, you can get the same thrill, by setting a firm price, and looking for bargains on the AH! just like farming, it may take a while, but you will eventually see a nice rare with super stat, for far less then normal. Or see that Zunimassi Vessel for a 1,000,000 buy out, that has 130 int and 50 vit.

And as for "it could have been better" crikeys, give it some time, the are patching the living daylights outa this game, they will get there!
Remember in Diablo 2 when you found an item that was completely useless for you but godly for someone else?

You'd go and find someone to make a trade with, say you found Bob who wanted your item and was willing to give you 50million gold for it, hell yes! that means that useless item you found was really you finding 50million gold! score, so you go and trade with Bob and give him the useless(for you) item and get your gold yay job done took an hour or 2 of sitting in the trade channels and such to find someone to trade with but its done now back to demon killing.

Now look at Diablo 3, again you find a useless item for you but its godly for someone else, better start finding someone to trade with....oh wait their is an AH, I can just check the item up on there and hell yes I'm back to demon hunting while the AH does the work for you! More demon hunting for all!

Now all I'm saying is in away the AH existed in past games and in all games where you find items, all it does is becomes the middle man so you can continue on your way.

Blizzard have also stated that you do not need to use the AH, the game was designed around NOT using the AH so it is very possible.

Personally I got 1/2 way through act 1 in Inferno before I even looked at the AH, so it is very possible.

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