Diablo 3 scammers (list names here)

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Toon name - Level/class - SCAM

Valour - Level 60 demon hunter Offense - (In Game Trade Glitch)

Let's get all these scammers in one place and see if we can make a difference. Get scammers out of D3. Message him and other scammers and let them know how you feel about them! Until their accounts are banned! Hoo Rah.
MariaOzawa likes to pull out his main char show the body parts and say hellfire mp10 uber carry 5 mil . screenshots to prove it happened to me . Blizzard informed and reported i sure hope he gets whats comming. i would love to be watching through the window when he tries to log in and cant . all that hardwork down the drain mr 100 paraGONE!!! one question was it really worth 5 mil? shoot one gem alone wasnt even worth that, bet you would have carried me now .

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