I am hitting an incredible gear/farming wall.

On act 3 and I don't know what to do. I know I need a new weapon, but I'm at a point where I don't know how to farm for it efficiently. My current stats look something like this...

1462 Int
968 Vit
39.6k life
30k dps with force weapon
17% crit chance
+107% crit damage
+18% move speed (slave bonds)
250 all res (327 phys)
Note: I have gear that can pump this up to 600ish if I use prismatic, but I find force armor is still superior, unlike whatever claims people have of tanking stuff in act 3. My DPS stays the same, but I lose some move speed...

I've tried using the enchantress and templar. I currently use templar to make extended kiting bouts a bit easier via his healing.


1156.9 DPS (1.0 speed)
206-485 Arcane Damage
+44% damage
+110 Dex
+154 Int
+93 Vit

I also have a crappy 1h/source combo that I tried picking up to see what it would do to my damage. Main change is it brings me to 25% crit and +152 crit damage, but my dps is still about 29k because of the lack of int...

834 DPS (1.2 speed)
261-598 Fire Damage

70ish vit
8% crit

Current build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#blORQS!dYW!bbYbYZ

I'm sitting on about 1.3 million, which fluctuates as I try to upgrade gear. I'm investing in upgrading my gloves to include crit damage. If I throw on my good bracers, I get about 40 all res and 1.4k life and dps, but then my kiting becomes crap. I'm actively looking for another move speed item, but it's going to tank my DPS at this point (pants, amulet are pretty good, unity sucks, too poor for tyrael's might).

I can farm act 1 very well. Act 2 is mediocre, especially since 1.03 and mobs regenerating all health if you get more than 2 screens distance away from them for more than 5 seconds. Act 3 is a crap shoot...I can handle affixes that don't involve certain vortex combos, tele/fire chains, or reflect damage (I can deal with this if the environment lends itself to retardedly long kiting). I was farming Siegebreaker with about a 30% success rate (i.e. not having to restart the map because of a combo I couldn't beat), and that's as far as I've progressed in Inferno.

1.03 has kinda thrown me for a loop on farming. Early acts can drop better gear, but your average income has gone down with level 51-57 rares becoming the majority of your loot. Repair costs cause me to break even on money if I can't find something to put on the AH, or lose money to attempt to play act 3. So this leaves me with a couple questions...

1.) What's an efficient way to farm now? I've been limping up by farming act 1 repeatedly, but my god is it depressing.

2.) Is my weapon holding me back? What should I look to invest for a new one? 2hander ot 1hander/source? Note that I am still using 6% IAS on my rings in order to make casting with a 2hander somewhat reasonable, but I would probably swap out to crit/crit damage if I went 1h/source.

3.) Is my build stupid?

Thanks for your help. I'm sorry if I left information out, just kinda frustrated.
I suggest you lose some of that vit and go for resists/armor instead. I think 25Kish HP is just fine, you are wayyyyy above that.

Definitely switch to 1h+source if you're after DPS.
all u need to know how to gear efficiently is found here


also for efficient farming, I would recommend act 2 base on ur current stats.

best place to farm is rakkis point / keep for 5 NV stack and azmodan cydae run.
What exactly is the problem with act3 siegebreaker? Are you dying too quickly?

Your build is fine, it's actually the all-purpose build i recommend to most people. For siege runs though I would switch to seeker instead.

Your vit seems way too high compared to your resist. At your current point it is far more efficient to increase your effective health by increasing armor/resist than it is to increase your vit.

30k dps is basically the lowest you can be to do anything in act3/4. Try to increase it if you can, as you said your weapons aren't great but you need more gold to get a worthwhile upgrade. ~1500 int is decent for now, so look to increase your dps elsewhere. Raw damage from your weapon, attack speed (still important to have some esp if you run a sig with hydra), and crit. I can be more specific if you posted all your gear.

I should have clarified a bit: I have not even attempted to kill Siegebreaker since the patch. I am simply frustrated with elites, in general. And since they are really the thing to farm right now, I figure that's more important.

You have a good point about the effective health. I kind of feel like mitigation is an overall impossible endeavor, so I haven't paid much attention to it. I have used Seeker in the past with some success, but I was also using Arcane Dynamo instead of Cold Blooded. Maybe I'll try Seeker with CB.

I'll see about posting all my gear. Kinda late right now and I don't feel like figuring it out. Some essentials would be...

Chest: 60 int/100vit/3 socket with all int.
Pants: 140 int/vit, 40ish all res
Belt: 140 int/vit
Gloves: 110ish int, 7.5 crit, 39ish phys res, 40 all res
Helm: 150ish int, 3% crit, socket
Shoulders: 100ish int/vit, 23ish all res
Bracers: Slave Bonds, they suck !@#, have about 30ish int/vit and 1.5 crit chance
Amulet: 60ish int, 180 vit, 57% crit damage, some phys resist
Rings: one crappy yellow with about 50 int/vit and 6 IAS, another crappy blue with 70 int and 6 IAS.
CK, thank you for the link and the info.


Yes, I am actually serious. They totally mess up the Act 3/4 loot table.

It is far faster and easier to farm Act 1 because it is much faster to find and kill champ packs. Remember, the guaranteed rares are only after 5 NV. You can use MF gear for act 1 kills easily without need for gear switching.

Until someone can probe that 1000 damage one-hands don't drop in act 1, or you reach 100K DPS, Act 1 for life!

I'm so pissed about this, tbh. I probably will continue to farm a ton in act 1. I've been doing some act 2 tonight and I would say the loot increase is barely noticeable (whereas the packs are harder). I hope they fix this soon...

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