Any idea on the price of this Bow?

Hey, just wanted some advice on how much a bow like this is worth. Pretty low level and high DPS. It got me through 1 shotting Nightmare and Hell.

792.4 DPS

197-471 Holy Damage
+102 Intelligence
+137 Vitality
2.8% Chance to Knockback on Hit
Level Requirement Reduce by 13
(One Socket)
Req Lvl: 47

Would like some friendly advice :)
Thanks in advance.
the only thing that makes this bow good is the reduced level. Your target audience is someone leveling their 2nd (3rd 4th) character. It's a really tough call, I'd put it around 1.5-2.5 mill. Very fine leveling bow.
OK, cool. Thanks for the fast reply :)

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